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Ilhan Omar and the Door of No Return

Freshman Minnesota Congressional Representative Ilhan Omar, in an apparent bid to keep a Twitter feud alive with President Trump, tweeted a photo of herself posing with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi at the “Door of No Return” on the … Continue reading

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Islamomoria — Countering the Charge of “Islamophobia”

When words are weaponized and skillfully wielded in the moral battles of a society, they can change the debate landscape in short order — a few decades at most. Witness, for example, a word freshly minted in the early 1980s, … Continue reading

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The Justification of Evil: Allah and Aymann Ismail

Andy Ngo describes himself on Patreon as “… an independent journalist and photographer dedicated to covering topics related to protests, free expression, and Islam. He has been a frequent target of bullying for the militant left, as well as by … Continue reading

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Islam’s War Against Democracy

In the Never-Never Land of “moderate Islam”, the West is reassured that Islam and democracy are fully compatible. After all, many Muslim countries have elections and parliaments, we are told – ipso facto, Islam and democracy must be able to … Continue reading

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The Schizophrenic Muslim Mind

Muslims are torn by two competing realities. The first is the illusion of supremacy upon which they have been suckled all their lives by the Mother of all books (the Qur’an). The second is the real world in which they … Continue reading

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Curing Homosexuals — Islam Contains All You Need to Know…

Have you ever wondered why Muslim-majority countries consistently trail the rest of the civilized world in producing scientific advances, technological achievements, educational insights and new fields of study? The answer is fairly simple — Islam. Muslims believe, as doctrine of … Continue reading

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God Created Humans on the Sixth Day. Why?

In the history of Christian thought, pursuit of the knowledge of God has always held the position of highest honor. There are two ways by which objective knowledge of God can be acquired: the study of His revelatory works, i.e., … Continue reading

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