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Therapeutic Beatings, Anyone?

Evil ideologies employ evil justifications. They endure, not because people believe the justifications but because they are enforced by brutality and terror. Religious evil ideologies are the worst of all, for they claim divine sanction, which cannot be questioned for … Continue reading

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Heaven: Home Sweet Home or Vegas on Steroids?

The end of an era has stolen upon me. The generation of my parents and elderly friends is fast sweeping over the waterfalls of temporal life and into the mists of eternity. In the recent past I have been asked … Continue reading

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Adding Injury to Insult — How Muhammad Dealt with Ridicule

No one likes to be mocked. For powerful leaders, disparagement comes with the territory because leaders have to step on toes when taking stands on controversial matters. This is perhaps even more true for religious leaders, for they are expected … Continue reading

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The Exhausted Defender of Islam

The attempt to be a thoughtful Muslim must be exhausting. There are so many mental landmines to avoid and crumbling foundations to shore up when trying to build a consistent and coherent Muslim worldview. This is seen clearly though not … Continue reading

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Does God Reveal Himself, or Only His Will?

Divine revelation means two different things for Muslims and Christians respectively. Christians believe the Bible to be principally divine self-revelation. That is, God is most interested in unveiling Himself to the human race, at first through His determined relationship with … Continue reading

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Muhammad and Jesus — Kindred Spirits?

Unity is an ideal worth striving for, in most cases. People generally value family harmony; companies cherish unity of vision and purpose among employees; nations thrive with a united populace. Where possible, unity is to be preferred over division and … Continue reading

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Coronavirus: Soldier of Allah or Western Conspiracy?

Around the word, most human beings are longing for the eradication of the coronavirus. Most, but not all. For nefarious reasons, certain groups see the pandemic as a means to further their goals. Prominent among them are radical Muslims. (Radical … Continue reading

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Why Is Joe Biden Channeling Osama bin Laden?

On July 20, 2020 the American Muslim advocacy organization Emgage through its political arm Emgage Action hosted a virtual Million Muslim Vote Summit. One of its prominent speakers was former VP Joe Biden, whom Emgage Action had endorsed for President … Continue reading

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Beleaguered Beirut

On April 19, 1995, terrorist Timothy McVeigh parked an explosives-laden rental truck in front of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, walked away to his getaway car and then remotely detonated the bomb, destroying the building and … Continue reading

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Which Black Lives Matter?

The message in the photo above is commendable, but does it reflect the Black Lives Matter movement in its present form? Do all black lives matter to the BLM leadership, from what an outside observer can tell? Clearly not. Only … Continue reading

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