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The Main Course of Christmas

My last post documented the role that ancient Middle Eastern rules of hospitality may play in accentuating the divinity of Jesus in his encounter with Zaccheus (see here for more on that). In thinking more on the subject, I’m wondering … Continue reading

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Unexpected Evidence for the Divinity of Jesus — All the Way from Oman!

It’s sometimes amazing what we can learn when we look through someone else’s eyes. Recently, on a trip to the Middle East, I was told of a group of Omani Muslim men who gathered together to hear stories of Jesus … Continue reading

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What a Title for a City!

Today may register as a 7.0 earthquake on the Richter scale of international politics. President Trump has just announced that the USA will move its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, recognizing Jerusalem as the rightful capital of … Continue reading

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What Question Has You Stuck?

“What one question needs to be answered satisfactorily before you would be willing to  commit your life to Christ?” For me, that was easy to pinpoint. Here’s how I responded to that inquiry. ****************************************** When I read the Gospels for … Continue reading

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My Personal Story

Many people have asked me whether I have ever written up the story of my spiritual journey in book form — the answer is no. But earlier this year, in anticipation of a book project collecting the stories of twenty … Continue reading

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Jesus and Honor-Killings

Middle Eastern society (both ancient and modern) reflects an honor-shame culture. Societal good and evil are weighed on the basis of what brings honor or shame, not simply to the individual actor but to his social unit – family, tribe, … Continue reading

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Stanford and the Wind of Freedom

I am deeply embarrassed by the recent behavior of my alma mater, Stanford University, regarding its recent treatment of Robert Spencer, who spoke last night on campus concerning the topic of jihadi terrorism. In the weeks leading up to his … Continue reading

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