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Qur’anic Scribe Rejects Islam!

Islam stands or falls on the claim that the Qur’an is a compilation of the literal and timeless words of Allah as transmitted inerrantly by the angel Jibril (Gabriel) to Muhammad, the last of the prophets, who then relayed those … Continue reading

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What Shakes the Foundations of Heaven?

Is there anything momentous enough to shake the foundations of heaven? According to biblical tradition, there is one thing — the unobscured glory of God’s holiness. In Isaiah 6:1-5, the prophet shares his revelatory vision of the Lord seated on … Continue reading

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Relationship Trumps Hearsay Every Time!

This week I watched a video featuring a self-confessed Salafi (i.e., fundamentalist) Sunni scholar named Sheikh Muhammad Abu Zaid, who lives in Sidon, Lebanon. In response to some softball questions from Gabe Lyons, the sheikh began by mouthing the typical … Continue reading

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A Stark Contrast Between Jesus and Muhammad That Explains So Much!

Have you noticed the spate of deadly attacks by born-again Christians against non-believers in the last twenty years — fanatics yelling “Jesus is Lord!” while plunging knives into the necks of innocent bystanders or setting off bombs in public squares, … Continue reading

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“I Pledge Allegiance to…”

When we pledge allegiance to a person or cause, we are committing ourselves to the pursuit of a particular agenda larger or better than our personal desires in life. I remember as a child standing in class with hand over … Continue reading

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Deception Before the Reception!

Yesterday I read a strange news account of a down-on-his-luck 25 year old millennial who got the break of a lifetime. He had promising though minimal business experience, yet found himself hired by one of the richest (and most attractive) … Continue reading

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Better Than a Persian Carpet Ride!

“Are you Iranian? That was the question greeting me as I hopped into the back seat of a car for an Uber fare to the George Bush airport in Houston. The driver of course had seen my name on his … Continue reading

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