America and The Enchantress Work Together to Undermine Iran!

One of the many problems with theocratic rule is that the top dog has the authority to make decisions for the whole state based on personal beliefs as long as those beliefs do not constitute heresy. In Islam, that allows for a wide latitude of dangerous rulings.

The Supreme Leader of Iran, Ali Hosseini Khamenei, is a case in point. Recently, in his nationally televised Nowruz speech marking the start of the Persian New Year, Khamenei explained to listeners why he and his government adamantly refused to accept medical aid from the United States as the coronavirus runs unchecked throughout Iran.

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(By the way, the Islamic regime also rejected help from Médecins Sans Frontières [Doctors Without Borders], ejecting a team that had already landed in Isfahan to set up a fifty bed field hospital with the excuse that they were not needed since the epidemic was “well under control.” ) Khamenei went on to say that the US government could not be trusted. He gave credence to the outlandish conspiracy theory that the US military had cooked up the coronavirus specifically to target the Iranian people’s genome, and that to let them into Iran now would be like letting the fox into the henhouse. How much more damage might Iran’s greatest enemy do to Iran (i.e., to the governmental regime) should they have hands-on access to millions of vulnerable people?

As he waxed eloquent about the US administrative, military and intelligence services pouring all their energies into destroying the Islamic Republic, Khamenei revealed a bit of his Muslim perspective on international relations. Iran, he conceded, had many human enemies (all of the infidel countries who are part of the sanctions coalition). But, he also added, the country also faced many demonic enemies — in Islam, these are known as jinn — and worst of all, the jinn and infidel human governments are working in partnership with each other:

“…There are enemies who are demons and there are enemies who are humans, and they help one another. The intelligence services of many countries cooperate with one another against us… Today, our most evil enemy – the enemy of the Islamic Republic [of Iran] – is America.”

When official Iranian news agencies first reported on the Ayatollah’s speech, they left out his comments on the jinn and their partnership with America, Israel and other infidel nations against Iran.

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But the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ (IRGC) Cyber Division posted that same day the full video of Khamenei’s speech along with two video clips from “respected theologians” to support the Supreme Leader’s claims concerning the demons and humans conspiring together. Entitled “The Supreme Leader’s Important Hint Regarding The Western-Hebrew Spy Apparatuses’ Use Of Infidel Demons To Strike Iran,” the post quoted Shi’ite seminary lecturers, Ali Akbar Raefi-Pour and Hojatoleslam Valiollah Naghi-Pour are using demons in order to steal classified documents from the Iranian Defense Ministry, in separate video clips.

Rafei-Pour declares in his teaching that “The Israeli Mossad is officially and insistently using demons to read the other side’s military thinking, to read the enemy chief of staff’s plans, and to carry out intelligence operations.” As proof that what this theologian says is true, not only of Israel but also of the United States, the IRGC Cyber Division points to the 2016 Hollywood film Suicide Squad to demonstrate that the Pentagon and associated intelligence agencies “…are using demons in order to steal classified documents from the Iranian Defense Ministry.” In the film, a top-secret US agency coerces the Enchantress, an otherworldly witch (= jinni) to dematerialize, travel instantly to Iran’s most heavily guarded “weapons ministry vault” in Tehran, steal its military’s top secret plans, and return to the Pentagon, plopping them on the desk in front of America’s top general. Hollywood, apparently unwittingly, let slip the secret that the USA is indeed employing demons to debilitate and ultimately incapacitate the Islamic Republic of Iran. You can see the proof for yourself in the clip below:

Meanwhile, in the Cyber Division’s second posted clip, also undated, Naghi-Pour asserted confidently, “Israel wanted to use demonic force to infiltrate the intelligence systems of Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas. They did not succeed, and they [the Israelis] are still wondering why not, because it is well known that the Jews are experts in sorcery and in creating relationships with demons.”

Those evil, satanically-inspired Jews! Does not the Qur’an say that Allah has cursed them for their unbelief (2:88; 4:46) and made their hearts hard so that in the vast majority you will always find treachery (5:13)? Are not the Jews recipients of Allah’s retribution, some having been turned into apes and pigs due to their slavery to demons (5:60)? Are they not strongest in hatred against the Muslims (5:82). Allah declares that they are of insolent character (17:4) and have forged lies against Allah in order to turn away from Islam (61:7). For this reason, they have turned to the dark side, becoming experts in sorcery and demonology so that they may continue to rule the world by the power of the devil.

Such is the mindset that infects hundreds of millions of Muslims. Anti-Semitism is not a mere transient bigotry which happens to inflame a portion of the Muslim world today. It is woven extensively throughout the fabric of the Qur’an and Sunna. To remove it from Islam would be to unravel the religion itself. This hatred of the Jews, and its sister hatred of all other infidels, stems from the deep-seated doctrine of al wala’ w’al bara’, “loyalty and repudiation,” which demands of every Muslim that he shows himself unswervingly loyal to all that Allah deems good and that he earnestly repudiates all that Allah deems evil. And what can be more evil than those who partner with demons to fight against Allah and his religion?

Regardless of whether Khamenei and his henchmen actually believe that Western and Israeli leaders are working hand in glove with the jinn to plot against Iran, they are not above using this theological conspiracy to paint themselves as beleaguered saints fighting against overwhelming evil forces to protect the poor masses of the Islamic Republic. In this way, they hope to distract their people from the reality of their own callous, incompetent leadership and greedy plunder of the country’s limited resources to line their own pockets.

Khamenei wants his people to believe that he is doing the best he can on their behalf, but that the Great Satan (America) and the Little Satan (Israel), supernaturally aided by hordes of jinn, are such formidable enemies that he can barely hold them off, unless Allah intervenes or sends the invincible Mahdi to scatter Islam’s enemies once and for all. The Persian people should not criticize or rise up against the Supreme Leader, for he is acting valiantly to protect them. Instead, they should laud and honor him, and continue to support him with peaceful obedience. To side with the enemies of the regime is to approve of the work of the jinn, which no good Muslim can countenance.

Hence, the final manipulation of the theocrat is to promise damnation to all who oppose his rule. To topple Khamenei and his regime is to give free rein to the forces of evil, both human and supernatural, that wish to unseat Allah and eradicate Islam. Allah will punish all who do not support the Supreme Leader. That threat is the same one Muhammad used regularly against those who assailed his authoritarian leadership. The prophet was able to get away with such manipulation. But Khamenei is no Muhammad, and in his thirty-two years of incompetent rule, the people have now seen through his disguise as a holy man, and found instead an old, self-serving, cold-hearted hypocrite. If the coronavirus does not do him in soon, a civil rebellion surely will. Or maybe America will take pity on the Persian people and send the Enchantress to his private chambers.

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3 Responses to America and The Enchantress Work Together to Undermine Iran!

  1. hottubb says:

    That is more spin than any sound mind could manufacture. Talk about manipulation. Sacrificing your people for your own sick agenda is always shocking.

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  2. Very well said, Mateen! Indeed, “the final manipulation of the theocrat is to promise damnation to all who oppose his rule.”

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