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"It's My Party": A Song for This Hedonistic Age

Recently, veteran entertainer Neil Diamond performed his 1969 hit song Sweet Caroline with a slight change in lyrics due to the coronavirus epidemic. You may remember the original chorus: Hands, touchin’ hands‚ĶReachin’ out, touchin’ me,¬†touchin’ you Sweet Caroline, Good times … Continue reading

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"Truth Will Out"

“Truth will out.” So said Shylock’s servant, Lancelot Gobbo, in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. This is salutary to keep in mind when dealing with the lies and obfuscations of totalitarian regimes like China and Iran. The truth will come … Continue reading

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Mulling the End of Iran’s Mullahcracy

The theocratic regime of Iran is imploding. After forty-one years of iron-fisted arrogance, breath-taking deceit and stupefying incompetence, the rule of the mullahs has so impoverished and infuriated the long-suffering Persian population that the masses are poised to rise up … Continue reading

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Experts — Do Your Homework!

One of the dangers of being recognized as an expert at something is that it becomes easy to believe your press clippings and then become lazy. Instead of continuing to press deeper into your field, you rely on your past … Continue reading

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