The Justification of Evil: Allah and Aymann Ismail

Andy Ngo describes himself on Patreon as “… an independent journalist and photographer dedicated to covering topics related to protests, free expression, and Islam. He has been a frequent target of bullying for the militant left, as well as by Muslim activists.

Last Saturday, while covering an un-permitted Antifa mob rally in Portland, Ngo faced the standard bullying while filming the event with his GoPro. As time went on, things escalated as members of the leftist mob struck him with milkshakes (some laced with concrete according to observers). See the source imageUltimately, violence erupted as Ngo, unarmed and unresisting, was beaten and kicked by masked members of the mob while trying to walk away.

The beastly behavior of such thugs, coupled with the callous insouciance of the Portland police and civic authorities who have allowed this barbarity free rein within their city, is unconscionable. No one can justify such unprovoked brutality.

Yet even as I write this, there are some proceeding to do just that.

Aymann Ismail is a staff writer for As a Muslim with a platform, he seeks to defend Islam in America, trying to humanize it and inculcate sympathy in the hearts of his readers. See the source imageHis progressive views are seen in his support for liberal causes and his opposition to those exposing both falsified hate crimes and the vacuous bogeyman known as “Islamophobia.” After learning of the Antifa-led attack on Andy Ngo, Ismail tweeted in response to a rather sane liberal woman who decried the alt-left violence:

In other words, Andy Ngo got what he deserved. Because he is an Islamophobe and unmasker of sham hate crimes, he has “helped create an atmosphere of violence that vulnerable people all have to live through just for being who they are.” What goes around comes around.

Except that Ngo uses words and video to expose the evil of those who wield lies and violence to manipulate others. He has never been accused of physical violence nor has he exhorted others to that end, much less to create an atmosphere of violence against Muslims or other “vulnerable people.” Antifa thugs, on the other hand, regularly create an atmosphere of violence at their mob events, and often resort to physical assault in cowardly fashion when their safety in numbers allows them to pummel lone protesters.

Ismail admits that the actions of the Antifa herd last Saturday were “bad”, but he justifies their battery against Ngo with the claim that “he’s guilty of worse.”

One wonders where Ismail may have come up with this logic. Those familiar with the Muslim mind steeped in the life and teachings of Muhammad don’t have far to look.

According to orthodox Muslim history, in January of 624, after less than two years in Medina, Muhammad tasked a group of thirteen followers to embark on a reconnaissance mission to Nakhla, on the main route between Mecca and Ta’if. Their orders were to watch the movements of Quraish caravans and report back to him. Since this was one of the sacred months during which by time-honored custom all fighting was prohibited in the Peninsula for pilgrims to travel freely to distant shrines, all caravans felt safe from marauders. One of the Muslim contingent had even shaved his head to give the false impression that this band of thirteen was also on pilgrimage. When a richly laden caravan passed through Nakhla and stopped for the night, the temptation for the Muslims was too strong to resist. In spite of prohibition against fighting, the raiding party decided to attack.

See the source image

Surprising the Quraish traders during their meal preparations, the Muslims killed the caravan leader with an arrow and took two other Meccans captive. The fourth escaped and ultimately made it back home where he recounted this serious breach of peace. Meanwhile the Muslim party returned to Medina in high spirits, with their two captives and an impressive array of booty. They were prepared to hand over one-fifth of the haul to Muhammad (as Allah and Muhammad had mandated), but their prophet angrily refused to have anything to do with the treasure, infuriated that they had brought disrepute upon him and his movement by breaking the rules under which all other tribes lived faithfully. He declared, in protest of his innocence, “I did not instruct you to fight in the sacred month.”

The raiding party (and other Muslims in Medina) were demoralized by this state of affairs, realizing that they were guilty of a serious offense. Doom hung over the Muslim camp until a few days later when the prophet emerged from his dwelling with a new revelation from Allah. It became v. 217 of Surat al-Baqarah (chapter 2 of the Qur’an):

“(Muhammad), they ask you about fighting in the sacred month. Tell them that it is a great sin. However, creating an obstacle in the way of God, disbelief in Him and the Sacred Mosque, and driving away the neighbors of the Sacred Mosque is an even greater sin in the sight of God: Disbelief in God is worse than committing murder” (2:217, Sarwar translation).

Allah acknowledges that the Muslim raiding party has committed a great evil. But he goes on to say that, by comparison, the evil committed by the Quraish dwarfs that of the Muslims: the Quraish had been Muhammad’s tribe in Mecca, and were responsible for opposing him and his message and for preventing Muslims from free access to the sacred mosque (the Ka’aba) in Mecca. So, it’s true, Allah admits — his followers committed deception, murder, kidnapping and stealing. But the pagans of Mecca were guilty of much more heinous crimes — they were opposed to the spread of Islam, and refused to convert. Hence, “Disbelief in Allah is worse than committing murder.” As a result, Allah gives his Muslims a pass for their small infraction, but pledges that he will roast his enemies in unending flames for their resistance to the advancement of Islam. 

Enshrined in Allah’s immutable book we find, then, this warning to the non-Muslim world: If you stand against the expansion of Islam, then whatever evils my followers may inflict upon you will be justified, because your evil is staggeringly greater than anything they could do. If you oppose my religion, you will get what you deserve, no holds barred.

It’s not surprising, therefore, to see the same mentality at work in the words of Aymann Ismail. In this case, Allah is using Antifa thugs as his instrument of punishment, but the principle is the same — since Andy Ngo has exposed many lies and evils that are part and parcel of Islam, and since he has pierced the fog of “Islamophobia” by uncovering the hate crime hoaxes upon which Muslim activists depend to advance their fantasy of Muslim victimhood, Ngo is guilty of such great offense that whatever Antifa “warriors” have done to him pales in comparison. 

Perhaps we could paraphrase Allah’s words to fit Ismail’s perspective: “Disbelief in the Cause is worse than a beatdown.” Or maybe we should just stick with Ismail’s own words: “This is bad, but he’s guilty of worse.”

Aymann Ismail seems to have learned well from his god and prophet. 
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2 Responses to The Justification of Evil: Allah and Aymann Ismail

  1. Dennis says:

    This article is confirmation that my Islamophobia is based on real concerns that directly relate to the so-called teachings and conduct within the world of Islam. Their belief system has never met the qualifications for the right to call themselves a religion, as their teachings, beliefs and heinous consistent conduct establish their belief system as one of Aryanism, domination, subjugation, lack of due process and equal protection, all of which is the anti-thesis’s of what a peaceful and tolerant real religion is expected to be. Those people that fail to understand that this belief system is a clear and present danger to the things we in the free world consider sacrosanct is their problem, as our fear of the belief system is real, not irrational, and totally appropriate.

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  2. Jake Jacobs says:

    A political ambition to impose theocracy as the sole alternative to extermination. Hence, theoterrorism, hardly religion, but an command that defies refusal, a command to halt the civilization of the Enlightenment itself and lock our species into perpetual benightedness.

    Or we can deny that a rival, adversarial civilization committed to our demise by obscene violence has any legitimate presence in our Hemisphere or access to our courts, institutions or sympathies, and simply throw the hyena out as an exercise in practical democracy.


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