God Repents of Heaven’s Closed Border Policy!!!

Pope Francis is at it again. Last Tuesday (Oct. 23rd), he berated Western countries, implying they are racist and Hitlerian for wanting to slow the hordes of migrants crossing their borders. Instead, he argued, such uninvited squatters “…“must be welcomed with an open heart and open doors. Closure is the path to suicide.” Because, after all, “diversity” is the wellspring of all felicity around the world. Just look at Sweden, Germany, Belgium, France, and England, for example. The rapid influx of alien Islamic cultures has rendered them veritable paradises!

Not being Roman Catholic, I have no vested interest in defending papal declarations as infallible, or even weighty. While I have no reason to doubt that Francis is a well-meaning follower of Jesus, many of his statements regarding migration and the requirement of nation states to tear down border obstacles and welcome all who wish to come strike me as naive and short-sighted. This, of course, is just my opinion, which I would normally keep to myself, except that Francis supports his exhortations theologically: “…Christ himself asks us to welcome our brother and sister migrants and refugees with arms wide open,” he opined back in September 2017.

There is certainly some biblical justification for this statement generally — Israel is commanded to welcome the sojourner in her midst, and the followers of Jesus are called to exercise the virtue of hospitality (the Greek word used most often in the NT, philoxenia, means literally “a love of strangers”).

However, unless Pope Francis has received new revelation from the Lord, it seems unlikely that God would be calling nations to commit societal suicide by welcoming the tidal wave of those who refuse to integrate into their host culture and who claim as their right the free benefits normally limited to citizens and legal immigrants.

But perhaps Francis has a new divine revelation to share which makes clear that Jesus indeed intends for nations to erase their borders and welcome all who wish to come. Since Jesus would not require of human beings something he himself would refuse to do, I am hoping that Francis will soon tell us that the landscape of heaven is changing.

St. Peter is out of a job as Director of Immigration Control — no longer is there a booth at the Pearly Gates where an applicant’s paperwork is checked and either stamped or rejected. heaven-atheist-pearly-gates.jpgThe Gates stand wide open. In fact, the unscalable walls of heaven are now being dismantled, and those outcasts formerly rejected and huddled in hell are now free to stream across once secure borders and take up residence in heaven, despite having no interest in embracing the ethos of the Kingdom of God. Heaven’s residents are thrilled to welcome the denizens of hell because, after all, their Lord Jesus has now thrown open his arms to all reprobates and rebels, showing his refusal to bar any from entry to the Celestial City.

Since this is now the stance of heaven, mass immigration from hell is well underway. Francis, deeply impressed by this, is undertaking a reform of the Vatican, leading the way for other nation states to follow his example. vatican walls.jpgHe has ordered that the roughly two miles of 40 foot high walls surrounding the 110 acres of sovereign Roman Catholic territory be torn down so that whoever wishes to come and build homes there will not be impeded. Likewise, he is putting up on the market all the treasures of the Vatican so that the monies raised will cover all living expenses for those who come, as long as they last.

Given that heaven has taken the lead, and that the Pontifex Maximus has modeled God’s will before an unenlightened world, what recourse will the stubborn leaders of the Western world have but to tear down walls, open borders and empty their coffers for all comers? If they refuse to do this, they will one day pay the consequences for their populist sins, facing the judgment of God and banishment from heaven.


All will be well in the borderless afterlife! Apparently, everyone now is welcome in heaven, even heartless Hitlerian populists.


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2 Responses to God Repents of Heaven’s Closed Border Policy!!!

  1. Larry yerger says:

    Mateen you’ve got it out of the park again… and you make an insteresting Biblical point – we ARE to welcome sojourners in the land, but sojourners are TEMPORARY…they are designed to either “return to the land of their fathers” (e.g. the end of the Babylonian Exile) or to continue on to their final (promised?) destination…

    If these “migrants” are here legally – no problem! We in the USA have all come from somewhere else (even the Indians – they just got here long before the Europeans) and should accept the “huddled masses yearning to be free” but decently, in order, and legally. The illegal aliens may be able to (perhaps rightly and justly) claim asylum in which then they begin “legal” but the others – criminals, cartels, et al) need to be turned away or deported.

    I saw an interesting statement yesterday – can’t cite the source – that read, “in the past ‘migrations’ to the USA, the people coming in did not carry the flag of the nation they were fleeing, but the American flag” and is very different from today…

    Keep up the good work, brother!

    God’s Blessing and Peace…

    Rev. Lawrence Yerger

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  2. Sandra Laughlin says:

    Five Stars.

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