The Islamic Republic of Iran — “Who Will Free Us from This Body of Death?”

The Islamic Republic of Iran, established in 1979 by the Ayatollah Khomeini, has never been a benign presence among the worldwide community of nations. Image result for Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini Quotes

  • From inception, it has made no secret of its hatred for Israel, and its intention to terminate the “Zionist entity.”
  • It has funded, trained and provided weaponry to Hezbollah in Lebanon (both to harass Israel and to create a Shi’ite powerhouse in Lebanon) and to Hamas in Gaza (a Sunni Muslim terrorist group embracing the mutual goal of Israel’s destruction).
  • It has sought nuclear weapons technology, buying help secretly from Abdul Qadeer Khan, the “father of Pakistan’s atomic bomb” in 1989 and subsequent years.
  • It provided diplomatic cover for the 9/11 terrorists to mask their travel to and from al-Qaeda bases in Afghanistan to help ensure the success of bin Laden’s plans against America.
  • It rushed to the support of Bashar al-Assad in Syria against the rise of rebel forces in 2011, and has used the opportunity not only to provide military intelligence and weaponry, but also to establish its own bases in Syria with an eye to threatening Israel more directly.
  • Since Barack Obama’s pull-out of US forces from Iraq, Iran has cemented its ties with fellow-Shi’ite political and militia leaders in Iraq, seeking to bring the war-bruised and sectarian-ravaged country into its orbit as a puppet state.
  • On an almost daily basis, Iranian navy fast attack boats harass US naval vessels sailing in international waters in the Persian Gulf, seeking to enforce their claim that no non-Iranian military presence will be tolerated in the Gulf. Just yesterday, the British destroyer HMS Dragon experienced this same harassment before the Iranian attack boats finally backed off.
  • Since the most recent Yemeni civil war commenced in 2015, Iran has supported the Houthi rebels in their effort to overthrow the government. Sending in military trainers, upgrading their weapons, providing them financial support, Iran’s hope is to create greater instability for their great regional enemy, Saudi Arabia, See the source imageand ultimately to establish their own permanent presence in Yemen to further threaten the Saudis and Israel by surrounding them both with a “Shi’ite crescent” from Lebanon through Syria and Iraq and around the Gulf region ending in Yemen, on the western tip of the Arabian Peninsula.
  • Meanwhile, in its quotidian media releases, Iran continues it bellicose threats to America, the “Great Satan,” and to Israel, the “Little Satan,” as well as to Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, and whomever else it feels stands in its way.

Why all this peddling of violence to extend its influence? What is Iran’s ultimate goal? And why has the West generally ignored Iran’s role as a destabilizing threat in the Middle East and South Asia? What made the Obama administration think that offering a carrot rather than a stick would cause Iran to become our best friend, or at least to eschew terror and war against others?

One look at the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran is enough to expose the illusion that the mullahs and government functionaries are looking for peace and cooperation with others. In the preface to the Constitution, we find a paragraph heading: An Ideological Army. Here’s what it says:

In establishing and equipping the defense forces of the country, the focus shall be on maintaining ideology and faith as the foundation and the measure. Consequently, the Army of the Islamic Republic and the Islamic Pasdaran [Farsi for “Guards”] Revolutionary Corps are formed in accordance with the aforementioned objective. They will undertake the responsibility of not only guarding and protecting the borders, but also the weight of ideological mission, i.e. striving ( jehād) [sic] on the path of God and struggle on the path of expanding the sovereignty of the law of God in the world; in accordance with the Qur’anic verse: “Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies, of Allah and your enemies” (8: 60).See the source image

In other words, the Iranian armed forces and the paramilitary force know in the West at the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) have the twofold mission of protecting the country from attack, and of bearing “the weight of the ideological mission,” which is the extension of Islam to the whole world, bringing every land under the “sovereignty” of Shari’a law. That they are deadly serious about this is seen in the fact that the Qur’an is quoted. It is their sworn religious duty to amass as much strength as they can muster in order to “strike terror” into the enemies of Allah (which of course will also be their enemies). And who are the enemies of Allah? All who refuse to bow to Islam — Shi’ite Islam, in this case. See the source imageDeath to America! Death to Israel! Death to Western Europe! Death to Canada! Death to Brazil! Death to South Africa! Death to Russia! Death to India! Death to Korea! Death to China! Death to Australia! If I didn’t name your country, don’t despair — there is more than enough death to go around; you’ll be on the list soon enough.

It is for good reason that the US State Department first designated Iran as a state sponsor of terrorism on Jan. 19, 1984. It’s not as if Iran was trying to hide this fact — it is part and parcel of their nationalistic Islamic identity. The big question for the United States and indeed all the nations of the free world is: Why for almost forty years have we put up with an Islamic government committed to sowing terror in the world so as to extend the hegemony of repressive, anti-Western Shari’a law over more of the world’s population?

Where is the will of the free world to isolate this cancerous regime, to refuse all consular relations, to expel them as a pariah nation from the UN, to freeze all their assets and impose total trade embargos? At this point, with Iran’s economy in free fall, and with its population engaged in massive protests against the regime, it wouldn’t take much for the government to implode, and to be replaced by secular rule. That is what the vast majority of Iranians long for. It’s what they deserve. They, too, have been victims of the iron fist of the armies of the mullahs striking terror into their hearts to keep them in line.

Who will speak a word of sanity to the leaders of the free world so as to bring about the downfall of an evil government and the fresh air of freedom to a people long repressed? Forty years of malevolence and savagery is enough. Who will stand for the people of Iran? Who will stand for common decency? Who will stand against Islamic jihad and the imposition of Shari’a?

Many of us are waiting for political leaders worth their salt. It’s time to step forward!



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3 Responses to The Islamic Republic of Iran — “Who Will Free Us from This Body of Death?”

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  2. b.a. freeman says:

    sadly, mateen, the nations of the west are run by smart, but indoctrinated, and hence uneducated, leftists, and are led, in large part, by the ideas of hard-core leftists.

    this point used to confuse me. why would supposedly smart people provide cover for the attacks of pious muslims? what benefit could it provide the nation for them to continue with this stupid behavior? after thrashing around for some time, i finally realized that hard-core leftists, whose ideas are obviously guiding those running the governments of western and westernized nations, have only rarely been able to impose their rule on republics, usually during and shortly after wars and civil wars. society then is in flux, and it is far easier for those speaking nice-sounding platitudes (“from each according to his ability, and to each according to his needs,” etc.) to gain power, because the average person is looking for relief and protection. during peacetime, ordinary people are comfortable with the way things are, and ordinary folks make up the bulk of the population of a republic. the left *cannot* get traction when times are good; therefore, to seize power, they need to make sure that times are *bad*.

    unfortunately for the left, or anybody else who wishes to seize power, fomenting a revolution when most folks are happy is not only near impossible, it also draws unwanted attention to the fomenters. if a revolutionary has access to enough people who are willing to do the legwork of revolution, however, and they cannot be traced back to the revolutionary, all the latter has to do is provide cover for the proxy army and wait for society to collapse. after that, he gets to impose his dictatorship.

    when cast in those terms, the association of the left and pious muslims makes perfect sense. the left runs most governments, and almost nobody in the west knows anything about islam. all religions with which westerners are familiar are peaceful, so it is easy to cast islam as just another peaceful religion. finally, the hard left has run education in western and westernized nations for decades, and they teach little other than names and dates about islam (or about the ideology of the left, for that matter). it is hard to exit the indoctrination (excuse me, “education”) system without absorbing at least a veneer of leftist thought, so most people accept it without even thinking about it. meanwhile, pious muslims attack, pious muslims aver – in arabic, farsi, urdu, and other non-european languages only – how they will kill, rape, and enslave us (with no reporting on that in western media), and pious muslims are protected by the left, who arrest those making fakebooks posts, arrest politicians for asking if their constituents want more immigration, and send other politicians for psychiatric “evaluation” under court order (just like the USSR used to do). once enough muslims (and the pious guaranteed statistically to be among them) have arrived, incessant and ever more numerous attacks on the innocent will bring society to its knees, and the populace will breathe a sigh of relief when the government declares martial law to protect its citizens. and then the people’s republic begins.

    yes, i, too, am waiting for rational political leadership, but i fear that it can no longer happen. other than mr. trump, only tame or powerless republicans have been elected in the u.s.; nothing ever changes. we are either headed sharply left, as under mr. obama, the most successful american traitor in our history, or slightly left, as under W and daddy bush, as well as the rapist president, mr. clinton. i am on my knees daily before the Lord, praying for my nation and my fellow citizens, but i feel like jeremiah the prophet, who pleaded with his countrymen to turn to God, but in vain. few are listening, so our fate, and that of our nation, is truly in the hands of God.

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