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A Former Radical Muslim Reveals Three Startling Truths

In a video interview aired August 12th of this year, Hicham Nostik, a Moroccan man living in Germany, shared his journey from radical Islam to newfound freedom. Already radicalized as a young man in Morocco, he moved in the early … Continue reading

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Befriending Muslims Can Be a Joy!

Recently, on a trip to D.C., I met two Iraqi brothers, Ahmed and Ali, who serve as hotel shuttle drivers, driving me between the airport and hotel. I was the lone passenger on the trip from the airport, so had … Continue reading

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Iran Wants to “Kill the Friends of Satan”

For those still clinging to the pipedream that Islam is a religion of peace, consider this: The Islamic Republic of Iran just last night launched six ballistic missiles against a target in southwest Syria which, they say, contains rebels they … Continue reading

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