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A Saudi Snake in the Grass, or Its Savior?

Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman (MbS) is the young (turning 33 in two days), favorite son of King Salman. The king, now 82, is rumored to have been in the grip of dementia for at least three years, making … Continue reading

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Islamic Terrorism Will End — When Islam Has Conquered the World

Will Islamic terrorism end any time soon? No. Here’s why: Allah commands his followers to fight until the world is subdued under Islam. He promises them victory (with supernatural help) even when the odds are stacked against them. He lures … Continue reading

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Not Religious Enough to Be a Terrorist?

Three days ago, on August 14th, at 7:37 am local time in London, a driver rammed his Ford Fiesta into cyclists and pedestrians waiting at a light before speeding the wrong direction over curbs into a security lane next to … Continue reading

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The Jugger-Not of Islam — Don’t Be Fooled!

Popular wisdom today portrays Islam as a juggernaut whose world domination is inevitable. “It’s the world’s fastest growing religion,” we’re told. “By 2060 it will surpass Christianity as the world’s largest faith,” futurists predict. Imams regularly gloat over Islam’s inroads … Continue reading

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Mulling the End of the Mullahs

Last week at the end of a hope-filled gathering of Christian academics in Dallas, I took an Uber to DFW. My very friendly driver, whose name is ‘Ali (name changed for purposes of protection), had a very strong accent, so … Continue reading

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“Fire Is One of the Soldiers of Allah.”

Having recently returned from a short, family visit to California, I was reminded once again of the Golden State’s precarious future. With a population that has doubled to 40 million in just under 50 years and a recent history of … Continue reading

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