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“Superstition Ain’t the Way”*

*With thanks to Stevie Wonder. According to early Muslim sources, Muhammad was very much a man of his day, shaped by the belief systems around him. As such, his thoughts and practices were filled with superstitions, some of which I … Continue reading

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Should the PCUSA Open an “Office of Condemnation”?

The 223rd General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church USA met last month in St. Louis. As I reported in a previous blog, one of the overtures of particular interest to me on their agenda dealt with interfaith relations. Known as … Continue reading

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Salami That’s Full of Baloney

Iran has been making the news consistently for the past month, and for all the wrong reasons.  As conditions continue to deteriorate for Iranians by and large, the ruling mullahs lash out at anyone other than themselves to pin blame. … Continue reading

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Supreme Hypocrisy in Court Nominee Opposition

While I rarely comment directly on political matters, every so often the level of hypocrisy and deceit rises so high that my conscience is compelled to weigh in. I recognize that deceit and hypocrisy are not the exclusive domain of … Continue reading

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