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Allah + Appeasement = Abomination

That Islam is a merit/demerit based religion is beyond question. One’s eternal destiny hinges (as far as any human actions can sway the will of Allah) on how well or poorly one obeys the divine commands, now conveniently gathered in … Continue reading

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Ramadan: “If I Can’t Eat, Neither Can You”

Every religion encourages fasting as a form of spiritual discipline, but only one to my knowledge requires it publicly of every adherent for one month of the year. That religion, of course, is Islam, and the month of fasting is … Continue reading

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PCUSA’s Latest Deflating Statistics

Picture the PCUSA (and its predecessor denominations) as a once-grand hot air balloon reaching unparalleled heights in the 1950s and 60s as it rose with the burners of Christendom and civil religion. But in 1965 things started to go wrong, … Continue reading

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Islam, Conspiracies and the Blame Game

Seventeen years ago, a Muslim relative and I were seated around the family kitchen table discussing Islam, Christianity and world events. Suddenly, out of the blue she declared, “It’s wrong for America to have declared war on Islam!” “What are … Continue reading

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