Ramadan: Breaking Your Fast with Some Punch[es]…

A few days ago, I wrote about the onset of Ramadan and the negative impact it often has on Muslim society [The Dark Spirit of Ramadan]. I cited a passage from Sir Richard F. Burton’s book describing his journey to Medina and Mecca, published in 1855, where he offered observations on life in Cairo during the month of Ramadan. Among other things, he said,

“…the chief effect of the “blessed month” [i.e., Ramadan] is to darken their [i.e., Muslim] tempers into positive gloom.”

One hundred and sixty some years later, things haven’t changed much. Screengrab of the brawl outside the Musjid-Al-Hilal mosque in Berea.

Below is a link to  clips caught on video of a “Ramadan brawl” which erupted outside the Masjid al-Hilal mosque in Overton, a suburb of Durban, South Africa, just after evening prayers had concluded. No information was posted as to the cause of the scuffle.


While it is true that violence is not limited to followers of any one religion, it is certainly rare to find worshipers exchanging blows immediately after leaving a time of community prayer, at least in religions other than Islam. The stresses and strains of Ramadan seem to bring out the worst in human nature.




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2 Responses to Ramadan: Breaking Your Fast with Some Punch[es]…

  1. It’s because they’re “HANGRY!” 🙂 I know I’m not the nicest when I don’t eat!

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  2. DeNova Weaver says:

    Tarek Fatah’s post on 2019 food fight after the day-long fast during in Canada during “Ramzan” https://www.facebook.com/tarekfatah/videos/10161676520455012/


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