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Domestic Violence — “That Which Allah Wants Is Good”

Most everyone who reads the Qur’an for the first time is bewildered, struck by its opaqueness. The stories of biblical and other characters are told in truncated form, as if the narrator expected that his listeners already knew the full … Continue reading

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Time to Wake Up!

Every Muslim who recites any of Islam’s five daily mandatory prayers does his/her best to face toward Mecca while standing, kneeling or bowing. More precisely, Muslims believe they have been enjoined by Allah and Muhammad to face the Ka’aba, the … Continue reading

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Who’s Behind the “Punish a Muslim Day”?

Last month someone planned to designate and publicize April 3rd as “Punish a Muslim Day” in Great Britain. The supporting rationale was that Muslims have been the source of much pain and terror amongst the native population and it was … Continue reading

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Family Experiences Electrifying Moment on Easter Sunday!

On Easter Sunday, a 17 year-old male in Phoenix experienced a powerful awakening. His mother, who was trying to gather the whole family to attend church, wasn’t having much success rousting him from bed until she used a taser on … Continue reading

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