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Abracadabra! Shazam! Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo! The Saudis Now Fight Terrorism!

Would you find anything strange about the following hypothetical news headline: “Playboy Enterprises Decries Explosion in Pornography as It Positions Itself to Reclaim the ‘Men’s Magazine Market”? How about this: “Saudi Arabia Fights Radicalism by Firing Thousands of Extremist Imams … Continue reading

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Open Borders! Heaven Takes the Lead.

Not being Roman Catholic, I have no vested interest in defending papal declarations as infallible. While I have no reason to doubt that Francis is a well-meaning follower of Jesus, many of his statements regarding migration and the requirement of … Continue reading

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The Line in Las Vegas — the One Between Good and Evil…

As America mourns and seeks answers to make sense of the carnage inflicted on innocent tourists in Las Vegas, some have been quick with offering solutions to prevent similar slaughters in the future. Unfortunately, such outcomes will never be possible, … Continue reading

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Women Free to Drive in Saudi?! Not So Fast….

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia broke some big domestic news about two weeks ago — women are finally going to be able to drive! Everyone was all smiles; many were publicly rejoicing; even the United States State Department spokesperson could … Continue reading

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Big Ideas in Big Sky Country

  A few weeks ago I was in Billings, MT, as the guest speaker for the Big Sky Worldview Forum. The theme, of course, was Islam and my four topics included: Human NatureĀ in the Qur’an — Slavery, Women’s Rights and … Continue reading

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