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The Best Kind of Horsing Around!

Our hearts stir with longing, don’t they, when we see signs of harmony between the human race and the animal kingdom? These types of encounters remind us of God’s promise that one day the fractures which separate us from God, … Continue reading

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Revenge Is Not the Same as Terrorism

“When seeking revenge, dig two graves — one for yourself.” — Douglas Horton Three days ago, Welshman Darren Osborne drove 160 miles from home in order to cause mayhem to Muslims in Finsbury Park (famous for its once radical mosque … Continue reading

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To Whom Should the Future Belong?

On September 25, 2012, former President Obama spoke to the United Nations two weeks after the riotous Benghazi attacks on the US Consulate resulting in the deaths of four Americans. At that time, the President and his administration were still … Continue reading

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PCUSA Coming Attractions (or Repellants)

In these days gender confusion and aberrant sexualities, the PCUSA has yearned to take the lead, but has sometimes been eclipsed by other mainline denominations who beat the heirs of Calvin and Knox to the front of the cultural line … Continue reading

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What Do Putin and the Prophet Share in Common?

It would seem that Vladimir Putin, the contemporary Communist leader of Russia, and Muhammad, the 7th C. Arabian leader of the followers of Islam, should share little in common, particularly when it comes to metaphysics. Putin, a purported dialectical materialist, … Continue reading

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