“…Children Will Die Because of This.”

After President Trump’s 2018 proposed budget was released for public review, NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio blasted it yesterday as something written by billionaires and millionaires for billionaires and millionaires. He predicted that if enacted it would cause the death of vulnerable children: “It is not an overstatement to say that some children will die because of this.” He may be right — I don’t know enough about the arcane world of federal funding to weigh in knowledgeably, so will leave that to the experts.

But I do know that Mayor De Blasio fully supports a policy that has already and will again issue in the deaths of innocent children. In January 2016, as part of a legal settlement, the Mayor and his administration bowed to extreme pressure from the NYC Muslim community as well as the Obama administration to change the way the NYC Police Department goes about investigating potential terrorism from Muslim radicals. Part of its process entailed utilizing a level-headed, internal 2007 report entitled Radicalization in the West: The Homegrown Threat (you can read it for yourself here). This was considered by the Muslim community and the liberal, political elite to be Islamophobic, and so was scrubbed, along with any guidelines that mentioned Islam in connection with terrorism threats. At the same time, the Obama administration scrubbed its federal terrorism training programs and literature of any mention of Islam or radical Muslim groups out of deference to groups like CAIR, ISNA, MPAC, etc.

Now with hands tied, New York law enforcement agencies, as well as other state and federal anti-terrorism agencies, find their abilities significantly hampered in discovering and tracking suspects planning their jihad atrocities against Americans. These aspiring jihadis have no compunctions regarding the slaughter of innocents, including children, as the multiple murders of babies, youth and families throughout Iraq and Syria by ISIS have demonstrated, and as the all-too-fresh Manchester butchery of dozens of young girls and parents by a “devout” 22 year old Libyan Muslim reminds us all too clearly.

What is happening routinely in parts of the Middle East and increasingly in Europe is only a decade or less from becoming more commonplace in the USA unless our political leadership recognizes that the great threat of terror attacks in our generation stems from the heart of orthodox Islam. This poisonous evil derives originally not from perverted radicals, nor from “Islamists” (an imaginary word coined by academics to mean “those Muslims who actually take their own sacred texts seriously as to the destruction or subjugation of the non-Muslim world”), nor from disillusioned, disaffected youth reacting to their poverty and hopelessness, but rather from the core teachings of Islam itself as they are found liberally sprinkled throughout the Qur’an, Hadith and Sira (early biographies of Muhammad), all considered unassailable authorities for all “true” Muslims.

If Mayor De Blasio and other politicians are truly concerned about the safety of innocent children (and adults, for that matter), they would be wise to focus on the most pressing matter of Islamic terrorism, rather than to lay it as a sacrifice at the shrine of political correctness.

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