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The Barbary Barbarity and Other Inconvenient Facts of History

There is no question that since the 9/11 Muslim terrorist attack some sixteen years ago, most American politicians have parroted the fantasy line that Islam is a religion of peace, and that true democracy and true Islam can partner for … Continue reading

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Let Light Shine into the Darkness

Nine days ago (Feb. 12) the Gulzar e Madina mosque, located in a suburb of Baltimore less than 50 miles from downtown Washington, D.C., held a special celebration which it had advertised nationally to Urdu (Pakistani) readers. The celebration, known … Continue reading

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The Muslim Immigration Conundrum

In the Fall of 1982, people started dying in Illinois after consuming Tylenol capsules which had been poisoned with cyanide. Panic quickly ensued as no one was certain whether their pain-reliever was safe. Within one week of the first death, … Continue reading

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Religious Savagery Must Not Go Unchecked!

News of the recent heinous attack on a Muslim house of worship in Quebec City, Canada, was reported around the world. The perpetrator has been arrested and charged with five counts of murder and six counts of attempted murder. As … Continue reading

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