****Update on Update****

“But of course I am speculating and could be completely wrong!

Again, time will tell.”

So I ended my update on the mosque shooting in Quebec City yesterday. And time has revealed more facts. And indeed, my closing speculation proved wrong! I am sorry.quebec-city

We now know that there was only one shooter, not two. The Moroccan who was named by authorities as a perpetrator turned out to be a witness not a terrorist. The shooter is the young Quebec man, Alexandre Bissonnette. As of yet, nothing has been released as to his motives or state of mind, but it is looking more likely that he was driven by right-wing, anti-Muslim sentiments.

Whatever the final disposition of this investigation, we must all condemn the use of violence as a means to express one’s views or to change the world to better fit our personal beliefs. Particularly egregious in this instance is that innocent worshipers were gunned down unexpectedly while offering prayers to their God. The horror of this attack will be seared into the memories of all those affected, and cannot be erased. May the actions of this misguided individual not bring even greater division between Muslim and non-Muslim communities here in North America.


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