A Dramatic Proposal on Dealing with “Outsiders”

I have a proposal for how to deal with America’s immigration problem, for which there is ample precedent for over a thousand years in another world civilization.

  • We identify all living in the USA according to whether they are citizens or not. Non-citizens, whatever their original country or legal status in the USA will henceforth be known as “Outsiders.” They are welcome to remain in this country as long as they obey the laws of the land as well as laws established for their particular status, including the following:
    1. They will pay a special, heightened income tax, as well as the regular Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid taxes. The rate will be figured on the basis of what needs to be raised in order to cover a balanced Federal budget, thereby freeing citizens from the need to pay any state for Federal income taxes. Citizens will still contribute to the Social Security system to ensure their retirement status.globe-patch
    2. Outsiders may not wear any clothing with patriotic American symbols, and they must dress in a style setting them apart from citizens, together with a patch embossed with a globe, indicating their alien status.
    3. When meeting a citizen, they must always give right of way, and make sure to pass by on the citizen’s left side. On public transport, they must give up their seats when necessary so that citizens can be seated. In the presence of citizens, outsiders must walk humbly with lowered eyes, accept insults without reply, or stand respectfully in place until citizens have passed by.back-of-the-bus
    4. Outsiders may not hold positions at any level of government, nor are they permitted to hold private sector positions giving them authority over any citizens.
    5. All manual labor positions, including those related to sanitation, waste disposal and factories must be filled by Outsiders.
    6. Outsiders will have their own graveyards; their bodies may not be buried in the cemeteries of citizens. Their dead must be buried hastily and without excessive ceremony.
    7. Outsiders will live in areas specially designated for them, and may not be outside those areas after dark without permission from the authorities.ghettos2
    8. Outsiders of Judeo-Christian heritage may, with permission of proper religious authorities, participate in the worship of Christian or Jewish congregations. Outsiders of other faiths may participate in any already established meetings of those respective faiths, but may not start up new gatherings, or build new temples, mosques, or other houses of worship to foreign gods. If such a building is abandoned at any time, it may not be reopened in the future.
    9. The practice of religions other than Judaism and Christianity must be done behind closed doors and quietly, such that no citizen is aggravated by it.
    10. Outsider men may not marry female citizens. Male citizens are permitted to marry outsider women, at which point those brides are accorded citizenship.
    11. The height of Outsider homes and places of worship may not exceed the height of the nearest homes or churches/synagogues of the citizens around them.
    12. Outsiders may not purchase, own or bear arms of any sort, including but not limited to firearms, swords, knives, tasers and explosives. They are also not permitted to serve in the Armed Forces, unless conscripted by the government in times of emergency.
    13. In the U.S. judicial system, the testimony of an Outsider carries no legal weight. The legal status of an Outsider is equal to half that of a citizen. The penalty for murder of a citizen by an Outsider is immediate death. The murder of an Outsider by a citizen is a misdemeanor offense requiring a fine and financial recompense equivalent to five year’s minimum wage to the Outsider’s family.
    14. On pain of imprisonment or death, Outsiders may not:
      1. Strike a citizen
      2. Plot sedition against the USA with other Outsiders
      3. Publicly criticize or wish ill to the President, Congress or Supreme Court
      4. Initiate a conversation with a citizen
      5. Engage in an illicit relationship with a citizen of the same or opposite sex.
    15. For the time being, until Congress enacts new legislation to the contrary, all immigrants will be assigned Outsider status, and no Outsiders will be permitted to become citizens, except through marriage as noted in subsection 10 above.
  • Such a system would free up all American citizens from any state or federal income tax, since that responsibility would shift completely to the Outsider community, roughly 22-33 million people. Certainly the tax burden on them would be onerous, but that’s a small price to pay for the benefits of living in the USA under the protections and advantages all legal residents enjoy.
  • This system would also ensure that menial and unpleasant jobs are filled completely by Outsiders, freeing up more attractive and higher paying jobs for citizens.
  • It would cut down on crime since Outsiders would have their own housing zones, curfews, and no access to certain citizen-only areas.

What do you think?

This, of course, is not what I think should happen in a country built on the recognition of unalienable human rights and equal protection for all under the law. And I truly have no actionable plan for how to deal with America’s “immigration problem.” So why did I write the preceding proposal?


 Rather, I wrote this to reflect on how non-members of a certain state have been treated on and off over the last millennium or more. If you substitute for the USA the term “Caliphate,” and for citizen the term “Muslim,” and for Outsider “Dhimmi,” you will get a fairly accurate historical picture, mutatis mutandis, for what life has been like for non-Muslims living under Sharia’ compliant governments since the time of Muhammad. “Dhimmi” is the term used in Islam for non-Muslims who agree to live in the Islamic state as third-class participants (Muslim men are of course the “first class”, and Muslim women the “second class”), whose legal and societal status is that of a humiliated and subjugated people group. Of course, a non-Muslim has the option not to grovel as a dhimmi. In that case, he is called an infidel, and executed. Dhimmis live under the constant fear of being accused of breaking their pact with the Islamic state (by doing something forbidden them under the pact) and thus losing their “protected status,” thereby being re-labeled infidels and facing the mortal wrath of the Caliph or his agents.

This is not a pleasant way to live, but it is the fate suffered by millions of Jews and Christians over the centuries under the thumb of Islamic civilizations.

Please know that, if history is any indicator of future trajectories, and if orthodox Islam has anything to say about it, this will be what life looks like for all non-Muslims under Islamic governments wishing to implement Sharia’ within their borders.

Should the United States of America go the way of the Middle East and North Africa in the mid-600s as Islamic armies swept through and imposed their will on formerly “Christian lands,” and as the Iberian peninsula and South Asia did in the 700s, and as Turkey did around 1100, and as the Balkans did in the 1400s, (to name a few fallen non-Muslim lands), we will become what we are seeing transpire before our eyes in modern Europe – islam-and-europrthe crumbling of a morally and spiritually bankrupt Western power under the incursion of a resurgent Islam that is “feeling its oats.”

If, fifty to a hundred years from now, America has so lost her Judeo-Christian moorings such that she cannot recall the truths upon which she was created, and in the meantime has allowed the Islamic world free access to promote its way of life and agenda within her borders and encouraged wholesale immigration from Muslim lands unabated, then it would not be surprising to see a united Islamic front lobbying successfully to supplant a crumbling democracy with a new order promising the blessings of harmony and prosperity under divine Sharia’. Should that ever happen, as the noose of Sharia’ closes around the necks of the remaining non-Muslim population of America, the scenario I painted above may become frighteningly real: in the Muslim State of America, Muslims will be citizens, non-Muslims will become outsiders known and treated as dhimmis, the those resisting this state of affairs will be driven out of the country or executed as infidels or traitors.

Such is the undeniable fate of indigenous peoples whose lands have been conquered by Islam in the past – just ask the Copts, or Maronites, or Diaspora Jews, or Yazidis, or millions of other minorities living under Muslim rule today. Unfortunately, you cannot ask the hundreds of millions over the last 1300 year who gave their lives fighting for their freedoms against Muslim invasions, or who bowed their necks in submission, hoping their lives would thereby become more endurable only to discover their less-than-human status conferred by institutionalized Muslim derision,  and finally dying unnoticed and ignominious deaths.

Having celebrated the births of three precious grandchildren in the last three years, I do not want to see this become the kind of world bequeathed to them, or to any other non-Muslims. That is one reason I am committed to teaching and training others about the core teachings and practices of Islam, and to sharing with Muslims the good news of divine love and salvation in Jesus Christ, which is the only message strong enough to free them from the theology of hate inculcated in them from birth by the Qur’an and Sunna (authoritative Islamic traditions).raqqa-church

If you are concerned about the encroachments of Islam into the Western world and would like to have me come to your church, group or community for a seminar or training tailored to your particular needs, please let me know. I’d be delighted to partner with you in bringing light to dispel the gathering darkness!

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4 Responses to A Dramatic Proposal on Dealing with “Outsiders”

  1. Betty Dutcher says:

    I don’t even know what to say regarding the article. I just hope and pray that our people in the United States will take heed to what you are trying to tell all of us and keep their eyes open and keep alert to what is happening around them. God bless you, Mateen, for the work you are doing for Him.

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  2. Wayne Kempton says:

    Pastor Mateen, my brother, it was a wonderful blessing when you came to speak at eh seminar at Ventura Community Presbyterian Church. Thank you again!


  3. PointingToJESUS says:

    Thank you Mr. Elass Sir. Your writings have been important in Gods work in my life. GOD is good! And JESUS is LORD! Pardon the exclaimation marks but I thank God for how HE uses all things, and people like you and me, for His glory.
    I attended a conference about islam in Oklahoma in 2012 and i thank you, and all those involved for your work. Be encouraged in all your work for Christ, it certainly is productive in sharpening me.
    Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (where i am at) has long had a large international student population and an increasingly spreading muslim presence in the school and local area (businesses and etc.), so truth and grace are helpful in engaging with neighbors. Thanks again.

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