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****Update on Update****

“But of course I am speculating and could be completely wrong! Again, time will tell.” So I ended my update on the mosque shooting in Quebec City yesterday. And time has revealed more facts. And indeed, my closing speculation proved … Continue reading

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****Update on Quebec City Attack****

The Montreal Gazette reports today that according to Radio Canada and LCN (French language news service) the mosque attackers are Alexandre Bissonnette and Mohamed Khadir. It has not yet been revealed whether they claim to be Muslims or not, but this is … Continue reading

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Terror in Quebec City — Unanswered Questions

News broke last night of a deadly attack on a mosque in Quebec City, Canada, by two masked perpetrators, leading to six Muslim worshipers being murdered and eight more injured. Facts are still somewhat sketchy, but unlike here in the … Continue reading

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Progressive Denominations Racing toward Servitude

The Presbyterian Church USA and the Anglican Communion in Great Britain seem locked in a neck and neck race to see which denomination can best debase the gospel message by bowing in submission before Islam. You may recall that at … Continue reading

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A Dramatic Proposal on Dealing with “Outsiders”

I have a proposal for how to deal with America’s immigration problem, for which there is ample precedent for over a thousand years in another world civilization. We identify all living in the USA according to whether they are citizens … Continue reading

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