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Merry Christmas and a Headless New Year?

In a skillfully worded NYT op-ed piece appearing Dec. 23rd, Turkish Muslim Mustafa Akyol contends that Muslims have every right to wish their Christian neighbors “Merry Christmas!” Unfortunately, not all fellow Muslims agree with him. Akyol’s argument is that since … Continue reading

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All I Want for Christmas Is No Christmas Music…?

On December 3rd, a customer in a tapas-style restaurant in Florida left a hastily scribbled complaint on the back of his receipt as he departed. The restaurant’s manager, a Christian, had decided to play traditional Christmas music for background atmosphere in … Continue reading

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“There Are None So Blind…”

“We are only as blind as we want to be.” – Maya Angelou. Two recent media stories that have gone viral illustrate the point that we are quick to believe what we (or the mainstream news media) desperately wish to … Continue reading

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What Is Human Life Worth?

An article I wrote for Presbyterians Pro-Life just appeared today in their monthly online newsletter, which can be found here. Entitled The Twin Towers of Theological Anthropology,  this meditation focuses on a biblical assessment of the value of human life. I’ve reproduced it below, … Continue reading

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Newsflash! Muslims Accept the Virgin Birth of Jesus!?!

People uneducated in Islam are often startled upon hearing Muslims say, “We believe in Jesus.” Even more, they will protest, “We accept Jesus as a true prophet, exalted in many ways beyond most of Allah’s prophets.” They point to the … Continue reading

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