Why the Chronic Imbalance?

I try not to seethe over injustices that I can do nothing to correct, but sometimes I have to vent and pray.

Two days ago, the U.S. State Department released its Syrian refugee resettlement figures, showing that our administration is on target to reach the 10,000 resettled refugees target set by President Obama for this fiscal year, ending October 1, 2016. (Even this target, for which the President has taken some flak for its being too high, is a mere drop in the proverbial bucket — some 5 million Syrians are now counted as refugees by the UN.)refugees So far, 7551 Syrians have been admitted to our shores since October 2015. Well and good. Of those, 7432 (98.4%) are Sunni Muslims, even though before hostilities in Syria broke out they comprised about 74% of the population and faced little to no persecution. Christians comprised about 10% of the population, but have been perhaps the most fiercely persecuted religious groups since the brutality began. How many Syrian Christian refugees has our administration welcomed into this country during fiscal year 2016 so far? 35. That’s less than one half of one percent of the total number of Syrian refugees settled (.46% to be exact)! Of the remaining 84 that we have welcomed in 2016:

50 are Muslims (other)

20 are Muslims (Shia)

10 are Yazidis

3 are “other religions” (undisclosed)

1 is “no religion.”

The last three months (May through July) have seen the bulk of Syrian refugees admitted in FY2016 – it seems in order to reach Mr. Obama’s target, the State Department has cut down the normal 18-24 month vetting period to only 3 months, while still reassuring us that their screening process is relatively foolproof. out of EgyptOf the total 7551 Syrian refugees to have entered the USA so far this year, 5815 were admitted from May through July. Of these:

0 are Yazidis

1 is “no religion”

2 are “other religions”

3 are Shiite Muslims

25 are Christians

27 are Muslims, other

5,757 are Sunni Muslims.

I wrote about this obvious imbalance when May’s figures were released (see here). Since then it has only gotten worse. If the present administration is really interested in accelerating the process of resettling Syrian refugees who will be no threat to the security of this country, the fastest way would be to focus on the two groups which are most heavily persecuted, who just incidentally also happen to be non-Muslim, and hence not susceptible to jihadi indoctrination – the Yazidis and the Christians. For a more detailed rationale behind this suggestion, please read my earlier post.

In the meantime, if you are moved by this injustice, join me in praying to the God who rescued first His people (Hosea 11:1) and then His Son (Matthew 2:15) out of refugee status (“Out of Egypt I called my Son.” flightoftheholyfamilyEven if our federal government remains deaf to cries for justice, the God of all righteousness will vindicate His people.


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4 Responses to Why the Chronic Imbalance?

  1. Linda Bowmalk says:

    The USA current vetting process for refugees takes at least 18 months and usually 2+ years beyond registration with an UN refugee agency list- almost always out of the country. I suspect Christians were far from the first to flee so their names have yet to come up. Let us pray the vetting process is swift for them and they can soon come too


    • mateenelass says:

      Linda, what you say used to be right in terms of the vetting time frame, but if you check the link in my blog you will discover that Gina Kassem the refugee resettlement coordination at the US Embassy in Amman, Jordan revealed that the Obama adminstration has ordered a “surge” in processing refugees in order to meet his goal by this October, in light of which the normal vetting period of 18-24 months has been shortened to 3 months.

      As far as Christians being far from the first to flee the violence in Syria, what leads you to that conclusion? The facts would seem to contradict that idea, for there were more Christians admitted earlier (though not by much) than in the last 3 months. According to State Dept statistics, the total number of Syrians resettled in the US since war broke out in Syria is 9,424. Of that, 83 are reported to be Christians (9/10 of one percent). It has been over 5 years since the start of the conflict. How long should it take for the numbers to “even out,” would you say?


  2. Tom Conner says:

    Amazing, will certainly become a part of my prayers.


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