“No Ado About Too Much”

If you would like to read the article criticizing my posts on the Muslim prayer led by Mr. Said at the 222nd General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church, USA, it can be found here:
Written by Mike Cole, General Presbyter of the Presbytery of New Covenant, it was originally sent out to all the pastors who belong to that presbytery. But apparently the national Office of the General Assembly was so impressed with its arguments that it has decided to send the piece to presbytery executives of all the 171 PCUSA presbyteries across the country, inviting them to make liberal use of it (pun intended). Likewise, I understand that Mike is sending it to the Presbyterian Outlook Magazine to see if they will advance the PC propaganda.
The Presbyterian Layman website and I have been accused by some of a “knee-jerk reaction” to the Muslim prayer affair at the GA meeting. Having been immersed in the world of Islam since my youngest days, I can assure you that is not the case for me. Rather, I would submit that this piece by Mike Cole more accurately fits the description of being “knee-jerk,” since it rallies quickly to defend something which no Christian should defend, and takes no time to examine the evidence itself but merely relies on what others reassure the writer of.
I’m trying to find Mike’s email address to send him my last blog, with the hope that he might modify the false statements in his article before they infect too many readers. But my guess is that he won’t take the time to read my research, or do his own. It’s easier to believe what makes one feel good. If you happen to know him, please invite him to take a look at “A Crooked Take on the ‘Straight Path’.” Thanks!
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7 Responses to “No Ado About Too Much”

  1. I believe that this person, along with so many “progressive” Christians, may not believe in the power of prayer (much less the authority of Jesus alone). So, it really doesn’t matter to them what a prayer contains or to whom it is directed.
    If the PCUSA leaders did, they’d never allow a non or unChristian prayer before Christians supposedly collected to lead the church.
    Please keep up with your clear messages. They’re much appreciated.


  2. Kay Nicholas says:

    I agree with Thomas Gray’s response and also appreciate your posts Mateen


  3. David Richard says:

    Not his personal email, but one linked to him:



  4. mateenelass says:

    Thanks, David. I sent him a message through FaceBook last week, but haven’t heard anything yet.


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