More on Iranian Disdain for American Power

Yesterday’s blog dealt with the growing impression throughout the years of the Obama administration that America has grown soft and weak, leading Muslim supremacists to see the present moment as an opportunity to advance their agenda for world domination.

Iran in particular has treated the US administration and armed forces with disdain, bragging that they have no fear of American power, and that any armed conflict would result in the Iranian forces inflicting severe damage on the US military which would turn and run with tail between its legs. An objective observer knows that such is not the case, but what matters to Iranian mullahs is image, not reality, and they continue to play up this image in the aftermath of the 37th anniversary of the “Iranian revolution.”

Pictures taken during the official parade in Tehran show how Iran portrays American impotence to its own citizenry. iran-parade-mocking-sailorsTen Iranians dressed up in what are meant to look like American fatigues and linked together by a chain wrapped around their necks  walk submissively before military handlers. Many of the nine men are overweight; others pretend they are crying. The one woman, also overweight, wears no headscarf and is heavily made-up, implying that she as an American has loose sexual morals. The implication for the Muslim mind is that the USA is a has-been power, corrupted by over-indulgence and sexual degeneracy, and is sliding into softness and lethargy right at the moment that Iran is rising onto the world stage with fortitude and resolve. A second picture seeks to show the utter helplessness of American soldiers, iran_parade_jef_160211_4x3_992roped together with burlap sacks over their heads and surrounded by crowds of “victorious” Iranian citizens.

Again, the point of this exercise is not that Iran indeed has the power to overthrow or destroy the USA, but rather that it shows no respect for or fear of the country it considers its greatest enemy. This same disdain characterizes all the Muslim terror groups and feeds their blind fantasy that by Allah’s power Islam will crush all infidel opponents. It is my opinion that America’s present foreign policy dangerously feeds this totalitarian fantasy.

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One Response to More on Iranian Disdain for American Power

  1. Linda says:

    Wow – How old are those guys in the parade –Eleven? Thanks for calling our attention to the mentality we’re dealing with.


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