Will America Bow to ‘Allahu Akbar’?

As a religion, Islam operates in the currency of power. Its god is Allah, the god of sovereign power, who commands all other powers (including human will) to submit before his throne. His followers shout ‘Allahu akbar,’ meaning literally ‘Allah is greater,’ a triumphalist challenge against any other powers – this is a religious twist on the boast, “Anything you can do I can do better, I can do anything better than you…,” or the chant, “We will overcome!”allahu akbar

So Muslims are bred to see the world in terms of power struggles, and are quick to note who has the power in a particular setting, and how to plot to accrue power over those presently ascendant, all for the sake of Islam. Since Islam is the religion of Allah, and Allah holds all the cards, Islam should be on a trajectory to rule the planet by overcoming all non-Muslim centers of power.

As the greatest of these non-Muslim centers, the USA has been labeled “the Great Satan,” i.e., the greatest earthly enemy standing in the way of Islamic world domination. Since Muslims know and respect power, even that of an enemy, the USA until recently had been safe from serious challenge by the Muslim world, knowing that any full-scale assault against America would result in a massive use of force to protect this nation and eliminate the aggressors.

However, this present administration has sent a different message to the Muslim world. Thinking that it is showing friendship and respect by pulling back our influence and presence in the Muslim world, the Obama administration, through meekness and indecision, has instead conveyed to the power-brokers of Islam that the USA has become weak and ineffectual before the challenges of Islam.

This is the central reason behind the recent actions of the Islamic Republic of Iran in first capturing and detaining American sailors, then in photographing them in positions of surrender and helplessness, then awarding medals of valor to its own military for this “great victory” over America, and then recreating the humiliation of these US sailors by releasing pictures of a tearful seamantearful sailor and by play-acting the event before its citizenry in yesterday’s 37th anniversary parade marking the birth of the Iranian revolution. hostagesThe servile words of John Kerry and Barack Obama complimenting the Iranians on their magnanimity and generosity toward our captive soldiers completed the picture of a one-time world power now kneeling before a would-be world tyrant.

Our present foreign policy, projecting weakness and docility in the eyes of Muslim leaders and terrorists, is doing more to create global instability and chaos than the acts of any rogue regime or terrorist band. America must reclaim her role as a world superpower willing to flex her muscles strongly enough to dissuade any groups probing for weaknesses in resolve or might. Only then will the power-brokers of Islam retreat from engagement, watching and waiting for future opportunities to enslave the world for Allah.

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10 Responses to Will America Bow to ‘Allahu Akbar’?

  1. Ray Parry says:

    Ansolutely! Our current leaders haven’t a clue! They think everyone will “play nice” if we do. I wish they would heed the truths you express in your blog.


  2. Betty Dutcher says:

    But why isn’t our Congress doing anything to impeach Obama? He certainly has done enough to be impeached. No telling what he will do in the next 10 months.


    • mateenelass says:

      Betty, impeachment of a president is a long and laborious process, limited to treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors. The House must produce articles of impeachment and pass them with a majority vote (certainly possible with the present make-up of the House). Then the actual trial takes place in the Senate, and must reach a two-thirds majority in order to convict a president. Unless Mr. Obama does something so openly egregious that a substantial number of Democratic senators would break rank and vote him out, it is impossible for me to imagine in the present conflicted climate of Washington, D. C., that any movement toward impeachment would do anything but divide along party lines.


  3. Jodie Gallo says:

    I don’t know if, as disciples of Jesus Christ, we can or should promote evil for evil. Or if our struggle for the hearts and minds of the followers of Islam is with the word of Allah. I personally reject the notion that Mohamed was receiving any word from any deity. Mohamed was a false prophet and his writings were self serving. We have no argument with Allah. Our argument is with this so called prophet, a man, an tribal war lord, who lied about God’s nature and wishes, and perpetrated one of the greatest deceptions in the history of the human race. Our struggle with Islam will not be resolved on the battle field with swords or guns and bombs. It can only be resolved at the foot of the Cross.


    • mateenelass says:

      Jodie, I agree with you completely that the Church’s role in the struggle against Islam will only be finally resolved spiritually through the power of the Spirit pointing us all to the crucified and risen Savior and Lord. However, in this post I am not addressing the missionary role of the Church but rather the responsibility of governments to protect their people and to control aggressors (much as had to be done in the past two World Wars). According to Romans 13, God has instituted governments for the welfare of the human race and called them to use the “power of the sword” to “execute wrath on the wrongdoer.” Since no government is perfect, this responsibility must be exercised with restraint, but there are certainly times where the application of force is necessary to deter or destroy the evil that threatens a country’s existence. This is not “promoting evil for evil,” but carrying out the basic responsibility of government as instituted by God in a fallen world.

      As to your statement that “we have no argument with Allah,” I couldn’t disagree more. Though Allah is the general word for God in Arabic, the “Allah” in question is the concoction of Muhammad, and the nature/will of that god is laid out assiduously in the Qur’an and Hadith literature. It is the “word of Allah” as you put it that inspires Muslims to the reprehensible behavior we see almost daily in the news, because this same behavior was modeled by Muhammad and written in the Qur’an as a justification of his desires and intentions. This is what we as Christians must oppose as we hold out to Muslims the word of life in our witness to Jesus Christ (Phil 2:14-16).


      • Jodie Gallo says:

        Mateen, thank you for your reply,

        I am going to pull on this thread just a bit more. I respect and admire the Islamic people’s admiration and reverence for God. But I think of them as the people of Athens, whom Paul congratulated for their devotion and religiosity, to the point that they had even made a temple to the “unknown god” and left offerings at the altar of this unknown god. He adapted their inherent devotion to introduce them to the One True God, by making known to them this unknown god.

        Let’s say there is nothing wrong with today’s Muslims and their devotion to the God-who-is-Great. What is wrong is their acceptance without challenge the teachings of a man, a clever man, a narcissistic tribal war lord who created a cult not around God but himself, as if it were true. Muslims want to know God, but they can’t find him because they have been fooled and betrayed by this charlatan who refuses to allow them to know anything more than what he tells them. That is the case we want to make, not that Allah is a false god, but that Mohamed is a false teacher and a false prophet of Allah.

        As such, the teachings of Jesus are made hand in glove to subvert Islam. They should be presented as the good news that they are. They stand on their own feet as authentic, believable, and credible. Jesus teaches that God is knowable. That Peace is achievable. That the way of Love is the way to live a Godly life. Christians were first known as the “People of the Way”. It is the more perfect way of Love in 1 Cor 13. The only Way that leads to the God-Who-Is-Great.

        I suspect the way to challenge Islam is from the inside out, from the heart and soul of their devotion to God which is at the core of the fire that drives Islam, and to channel that devotion through the person of Jesus Christ, who leads all of us including Muslims to the throne of God. I am proposing a Christological/Pauline thrust at the heart of Islam. Take Mohamed out of their equation and let them fall into the arms of Jesus Christ. And together we can both bow to the Great God-Who-IS.


      • mateenelass says:

        Jodie, I love your spirit, and your desire to reach Muslims with the good news of Jesus. However, I am skeptical of your hope that a Muslim’s devotion to Allah can be separated from his/her devotion to Muhammad. After all, the shahadah has two inextricably linked declarations (Islam’s only “creed”): 1) no god but Allah; 2) Muhammad is his messenger. The Qur’an declares that whoever loves Allah must love his prophet; to obey Muhammad is to obey Allah; everything a Muslim believes about Allah comes through the mouth of Muhammad, so there is little likelihood that a Muslim would listen to someone seeking to drive a wedge between Allah and Muhammad. To “attack” Muhammad as a false prophet would in the eyes of an orthodox Muslim be an attack on Allah himself, which is the reason sharia law condemns as blasphemy any insults/attacks on the character or claims of the Arabian prophet.

        As for applying Paul’s approach in the Areopagus to the Muslim world, I don’t think it works well. Whereas the Athenians were tolerant polytheists, and open to welcoming new gods into their pantheon, Islam is fanatically monotheistic and unwilling to countenance any views contrary to the ir revelation. Even more telling, while nothing in Athens had already inoculated the Athenians against the gospel, Islam in its source documents unequivocally attacks the claims of the gospel as false: Jesus is not divine, not savior of the world, he did not die and hence has not been resurrected, there is no Trinity, no Pentecost and indwelling Holy Spirit, no redemption, sanctification, glorification, etc. Much more likely, Muslims would respond to Paul more like the Ephesians did (who revered Artemis above all other gods as their matron goddess, and so wanted to beat Paul to death for seeking to supplant Artemis with Jesus) than like the Athenians did.


      • Jodie Gallo says:


        Regarding your reply of 2/13, I understand your point about the bond between Muhammad and Allah. But I believe this article is so re-enforced because Muhammad understood this to be the weakest chink in his armor. So he hid it in plain sight and made it the cornerstone of Islam. It is a brilliant deception. But it is also the keystone of his cult. Pull the keystone, and all of Islam collapses. Muhammad himself has told us what it is and how to take it down.

        That is our theological and evangelist challenge, I believe. To participate in the work of the Holy Spirit to tap Muhmmad’s diamond in just the right spot. And its a gentle tap, measured not by force but by accuracy and precision.


  4. Tom Conner says:

    Mateen, I think both of your replies (12 & 13 Feb 2016) were instructive and on the mark. I continue to pray for your ministry.


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