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Courting the Wrath of God

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is racing to take the lead over other post-Christian liberal Protestant denominations in enthusiastically courting the wrath of God.  Despite all the biblical and statistical evidence concerning the misguided course its leaders have charted over the … Continue reading

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A Proud Tradition of Tolerance?

Less than six months (6/4/09) after first taking office, President Obama delivered a speech to the Muslim world at Cairo University. Entitled “A New Beginning,” it was his opening effort to launch a grandiose vision bringing peace to the world … Continue reading

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ISIS — a Faithful Believer in the Islamic Doctrine of Jahiliyya

News has just broken over the total obliteration of an ancient monastery sitting for over 1400 years on a hill overlooking Mosul in Iraq.  St. Elijah Monastery, built in 590 (20 years before Muhammad had the pretensions to call himself … Continue reading

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Blade, “Familiars,” and Islam

  The sci-fi Blade movie trilogy, starring Wesley Snipes, depicts a world inhabited by four types of creatures: vampires, vampire hunters, ordinary humans (cattle), and familiars. Vampires of course need human blood to survive and so they view the human … Continue reading

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Imagining an Islamic State of America

What might America look like under the full control of radical Islam? An Islamic State cannot exist without the imposition of Shari’a, so one of the first noticeable transitions would be from Constitutional to Islamic Law. After all, how could … Continue reading

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Prodigal Love for a Prodigal World

Nowhere do the different theological visions of Islam and Christianity appear more starkly than in the Muslim denunciation of the gospel as reflected in its assessment of John 3:16, which Christians often speak of as “the gospel in a nutshell”: … Continue reading

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