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Jingle Bell Rock (or Stone)

During this Christmas season a theological dispute is raging across the Muslim world – is it permissible for Muslims to wish their Christian neighbors “Merry Christmas”? I’m serious. While for the average Muslim family which has lived alongside Christian neighbors … Continue reading

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A Veiled Message

Recently a professor of political science at Wheaton College created a bit of a media firestorm, publicizing her decision to “show solidarity with Muslim women” by wearing a hijab through the Christian season of Advent. The firestorm actually was prompted … Continue reading

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Jugglers of Jihad

Every religion has to juggle with certain of its beliefs or practices that seem untenable to those outside the faith. For Christianity in these days of libertinism, certainly the doctrines of biblical, sexual morality need to be explicated reasonably. And … Continue reading

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“ISIS Has Nothing to Do with Islam,” or Does It?

Over one billion Muslims align themselves with the Sunni sect (roughly 85% of Islam worldwide). For them the most prestigious bastion of Islamic learning is al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt, at which thousands of Muslims are trained as sheikhs (imams) … Continue reading

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Terrorism Is a Tactic, Not a Motivation

In the immediate aftermath of yesterday’s heartrending murder rampage in San Bernardino, we are all asking why this happened and how to prevent it in the future. As victims’ families receive care and compassion from the immediate and larger American … Continue reading

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