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What’s Your Sentence?

If an all-seeing, all-knowing observer of your life were to write one sentence summing up your existence, what do you think it would be? Recently while reading through 2 Chronicles in the Old Testament, I’ve been struck with some of the one … Continue reading

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Deception as Diplomacy

Can Iran be trusted? Its track record on honesty is decidedly poor. Even fellow Muslim countries don’t trust it, unless they are already in bed with the Shi’a theocracy. One major reason for this is that from the 7th C onward, … Continue reading

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Selective Outrage — Proof of a Fallen Humanity?

No human being can feel outrage over all the evil committed on this planet — who has the energy or time, or most importantly, the moral rectitude? So we all, to some extent, engage in selective moral outrage — we … Continue reading

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The Good Life

According to Islam there was no fall from grace that rendered human beings sinners desperately in need of divine salvation. The offense of Adam and Eve was simply forgetting their duty to God, and once they were reminded of their … Continue reading

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