Up and Coming Apologist to Speak on Islam at our Church!

This coming Sunday, Feb 9th, First Presbyterian Church, Edmond, OK (where I pastor) will be hosting a fascinating speaker in our morning worship services and an afternoon seminar. Nabeel Qureshi, formerly a devout Muslim, will be speaking on the theme “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus.”

Coming from a long line of Muslim leaders and apologists, Nabeel sought to continue this defense of Islam as well as to become a medical doctor. The latter goal he accomplished, graduating with an MD from Eastern Virginia Medical School. But in 2005, he gave up Islam to become a follower of Jesus Christ, causing great consternation in his extended family. We are excited to hear Nabeel’s testimony, and to learn of the evidences which convinced him to take this often dangerous and certainly life-changing step of leaving Islam to become a Christian. Such radical changes are not undertaken lightly, and I am sure that all who hear Nabeel will find both strength and challenge in his presentations.

All are welcome this Sunday to hear Nabeel, either at our 8:15 or 11 AM service, and then again for his afternoon seminar from 4-6 PM. Q&A time will be especially lively, I should think. Nabeel has guest lectured at a number of U.S. universities, and participated in 17 moderated, public debates in the U.S., Europe and Asia concerning Islam and Christianity. He is particularly adept in the areas of the foundations of the Christian faith and the early history and teachings of Islam. I have seen Nabeel in action, and am deeply impressed with his grasp of the Quran and Hadith traditions, as well as with contemporary Muslim devotional practices.

If you have any interest in such topics and are within driving distance of Edmond, please avail yourself of this opportunity to benefit from the ministry of a rising Christian voice in the field of Muslim apologetics. I’m definitely looking forward to it!

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3 Responses to Up and Coming Apologist to Speak on Islam at our Church!

  1. Thank you, Mateen. Will any of this be live-streamed? If so, give me directions on how to connect with you. God bless you. Ken Kalvesmaki, PCUSA, retired.


  2. POPS says:

    Mateen—I follow your blogs and am looking forward to see Nabeel comments. Thanks


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