Urgent: Chrysostoms Desperately Needed for PCUSA

I just came across this declaration by John Chrysostom, post-Nicene church father (d. 407):

“But why should all Christians at this time head for the Scriptures? Because in this period in which heresy has taken possession of the churches there can be no proof of true Christianity nor any other refuge for Christians who want to know the truth of the faith except the divine Scriptures. Earlier we showed in many ways which is the church of Christ, and which heathenism. But now there is for those who want to know which is the true church of Christ no way to know it except only the through the Scriptures. Why? Because heresy has everything just like the church. How, then, will anyone who wants to know which is the true church of Christ know it in the midst of this great confusion resulting from this similarity, except only through the Scriptures? The Lord, therefore, knowing that there would be such a great confusion of things in the last days, commands that Christians who…want to gain steadfastness in the true faith should take refuge in nothing else but the Scriptures.

Otherwise, if they look to other things, they will be offended and will perish, because they will not know which is the true church, and as a result they will fall into the abomination of desolation which stands in the holy places of the church.”  (Traditionally ascribed to St. John Chrysostom, glossa ordinaria 49th Homily, on Matt. 24)

The battles we face in the PCUSA are not new, but they must be fought in every generation.  May God raise up many Chrysostoms in our midst, sentinels for the true church and doctors for a sin-sick humanity!

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5 Responses to Urgent: Chrysostoms Desperately Needed for PCUSA

  1. At a time when strife exists, not only between theological liberals and theological conservatives, but also among theological conservatives of various stripes, Chrysostom offers a very striking focus on what applied “sola scriptura” should really mean.

    May we cling tightly to the truth of God’s Word. May we pray that the Holy Spirit will motivate us to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus and His “Word’s of Life.”

    Thanks, Mateen, for sharing this timely quotation.


  2. Viola Larson says:

    Thanks Mateen, excellent. I just posted a article that also has to do with the word.


  3. Bob Michael says:

    Amen Lets get to it


  4. Dave Moody says:

    Now thats some serious homiletical gold(en mouth)!


  5. John Buckingham MD says:

    Heresy in Christology is rampant in our PCUSA. I am simple minded layman (with seminary training) similiar to the amateur theologs in the pulpits. I admit to needing a firm intellectual and emotional anchor. I have this solid rock upon which my life is built. Our academic pulpiteers (gotta have a Dr. in front of your name to get in to a PCUSA pulpit) have been so highly dis-educated that they perceive the rock of my life (the Bible) as so porous that to have absolute faith in it presses beyond their limits of human reason. I still worship the only true God but I know him through the infallable Bible first and foremost. Thank you for reminding me that there are still a few who stand openly with laymen like me on this basic issue of just who the Christ is.
    John Buckingham MD MPH MBS Mmiss.


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