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Luther the Progressive? (Part 2)

As we conclude this short study of Luther’s teaching on the Bible and homosexuality, we consider three more passages before drawing our conclusions concerning his translation of “arsenokoitai” in 1 Cor 6 and 1 Tim 1.  Picking up from yesterday’s … Continue reading

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Luther the Progressive? (Part 1)

This blog post and the next are the result of a challenge issued by a Christian favoring gay ordination. The claim by implication was that Martin Luther possibly equivocated on the sinfulness of homosexual behavior, and if this is true … Continue reading

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Urgent: Chrysostoms Desperately Needed for PCUSA

I just came across this declaration by John Chrysostom, post-Nicene church father (d. 407): “But why should all Christians at this time head for the Scriptures? Because in this period in which heresy has taken possession of the churches there can be … Continue reading

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An Evangelical Declaration

The institution of the Presbyterian Church (USA) in its present state has forfeited any rightful claim to belong to the true Church of Jesus Christ.  In spite of its de jure claims to orthodoxy and orthopraxy as seen primarily in our … Continue reading

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