Our Greatest Lesson from 9/11???

Exactly two months ago, on September 11th, President Joe Biden stood in front of a gathering at the Pentagon to deliver a fifteen minute speech during the 21st annual memorial service honoring those killed in cold blood by Muslim terrorists.

He acknowledged the 2977 “precious lives stolen from us” on that “terrible day” when “Terror struck us on that brilliant blue morning.”

He referred to that day as “the open shot of a new war,” and vowed that “we will follow them to the gates of hell to be sure they’re not able to continue.” He boasted that it is “…the enduring resolve of the American people to defend ourselves against those who seek [sic] us harm, and to deliver justice to those responsible for attacks against our people,” and pledged that “…our commitment to preventing another attack on the United States is without end.”

In all of his 1825 recorded words as found on the whitehouse.gov website, Mr. Biden mentioned the words terror, terrorism or terrorists a total of 8 times. This seems rather odd, especially given the President’s rallying cry about half-way through his remarks: “Because we will not rest.  We’ll never forget.  We’ll never give up.”

Incredibly, he never mentioned Islam throughout his speech, nor did he modify the terror, terrorism or terrorists with the adjective Muslim or Islamic. I’m curious how he intends to identify the terrorists that we will follow to the gates of hell. Who are the subversives that we are resolved to defend ourselves against, the murderers to whom we will deliver justice? To what kind of justice are we committed — the justice which holds terrorists for decades in rather comfortable accommodations at Guantanamo, and then releases them to Muslim governments for “rehabilitation”?

But these are rather minor quibbles compared with what troubles me most about Mr. Biden’s speech. While waxing eloquent (as much as his speechwriters could help him), the President noted that in our dark moment of 9/11 and its aftermath, “we regained the light by reaching out to one another and finding something all too rare — a true sense of national unity.” (Would that he valued that all too rare commodity today in his haste to demonize opponents — but I digress.)

It is at this point in his speech that Mr. Biden reveals his greatest takeaway from the 9/11 terrorist attack. I will quote him in full lest anyone accuse me of cherry-picking his words:

To me, that’s the greatest lesson of September 11.  Not that we will never again face a setback, but that in a moment of great unity we also had to face down the worst impulses, fear, violence, recrimination directed against Muslim Americans, as well as Americans of Middle Eastern and South Asian heritage.”

Here is the lone place where the President mentions Muslims. Apparently in his mind, the main lesson of the worst terrorist attack on American soil is that we must be wary of “Islamophobia”, in spite of the fact that American citizens were remarkably restrained in the days, weeks and months following this great evil perpetrated by self-described Muslims in the name of Islam. Certainly all sane people will agree that it is wrong to do violence to anyone who has no direct link to an evil act, regardless if he/she shares the same religion, race, creed or orientation or not. Perhaps we can agree with Mr. Biden’s assessment. But to say this is the greatest lesson of 9/11? This shows a myopia bordering on blindness.

How about something like this? The greatest lesson of September 11 is that:

We face an existential threat from the warriors of a religion that seeks to destroy every government (including ours) that resists complete submission to Islam.


Committed followers of Muhammad will never relent in their quest to conquer us because the divine commands in the Qur’an and Hadith can never be rescinded till the end of time.


The Islamic terrorist threat to our nation is fueled by the orthodox teachings of Islam, though not all Muslims know or are committed to these teachings.


The only sure defense we have from more Muslim terror attacks is an overwhelming combat force and the resolve to use it against any groups or individuals planning jihad against us.

Power without the resolve to use it is interpreted as weakness in the mind of the jihadi. Diplomacy is also seen as weakness. Muhammad counseled his followers to use diplomacy and enter into treaties as long as the Muslims were weaker than their opponents. Once they held the upper hand in terms of power, they were free to break their treaties and subjugate their enemies. Until Western leaders recognize this mindset and counter it with superior strength, we will continue an uneasy dance of equivocation and stonewalling with Muslim governments as they seek to build up their military resources in an attempt to reach parity or superiority over the West. This is exactly what has been happening with Biden’s insane effort to renew the deeply flawed JCPOA accord with Iran into which Obama first entered, and Trump exited. For the past two years, Iran’s mullahs have been using diplomacy as a stalling tactic while they continue to improve their ballistic missile technology, drones, and nuclear research. Every time the West thinks that all the kinks have been ironed out for a new agreement, the Iranians demand more.

The Biden administration has shown itself to be clueless in so many arenas. But the President’s empty words two months ago show that he and his staff know or care very little about the threat of Islam to the West, and particularly to the United States, the “great Satan” who is the ultimate target of Islam’s “soldiers.” From our capitulation to the charge of “Islamophobia” to our indifference to the infiltration of hundreds on our terrorist watch list who are flooding across our southern border to our voluntary funding of the Taliban with scores of millions of dollars’ worth of military weapons and equipment in our hasty retreat, which now become available to Muslim terror groups such as al-Qaeda and ISIS as they regroup in Afghanistan, we are exposing our soft underbelly to those who wish to eviscerate us.

I pray that over the next two years some leaders in our government will rise up and champion the need to act in our defense against the continued encroachment of Islamic forces planning our demise. Speeches without knowledge and postures without the will to act in the end accomplish nothing beneficial to our nation.

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Fairy Tale Islam

Hello, friends. I’m starting a book project and wanted to share with you my mind map of the ideas that will be going into the book. The title, Fairy Tale Islam, reflects the fact that the Islam we read about in the news as relayed by politicians, celebrities and talking heads is by and large a make-believe construct based on wishful thinking or deliberate deception. My book will present the fairy tale version piece by piece and then utilize authoritative Muslim religious texts to paint the reality in each area of fantasy.

The mind map is just that — a guide pointing the way. It is by no means complete. So if you take time to look at it and see something missing that needs to be covered, please by all means let me know.

I’m hoping to have a rough draft done by March and then launch the book in June. If you’d like to help in the launch process, I’d be grateful for your assistance!

Here’s the mind map (I hope you can read my scratchings!):

Chapters will include:

  • The religion of peace and jihad
  • Muhammad, the perfect man and prophet
  • The Qur’an as Allah’s complete and flawless revelation
  • Muhammad the feminist
  • Islam, democracy and human rights
  • Muslims as the best of all peoples (according to the Qur’an) — that’s why we’re supremacists
  • The fastest growing religion — it must be true
  • There is no racism in Islam
  • Muhammad favored Christians and Jews and treated them kindly
  • Islam is an Abrahamic religion — in the same family as Judaism and Christianity
  • We love and honor Jesus — he’s one of our prophets
  • Allah and the God of the Bible are one and the same
  • Muslims are victims — Islamophobia is a serious problem around the world
  • The message of Islam is simple and logical and universal
  • Shari’a is the unchanging, divine law for all humanity and the way to a perfect world
  • Islam is the most historically-documented world religion; its sources can be trusted.

I’m excited about this venture. I hope you will be too!

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A Clerical Error — the Religious Tyranny of Iran Will Be Erased.

The theocracy of Iran is in its death throes. It will not die quietly, but is extracting much blood and pain from its imprisoned populace as it fights vainly to survive. However, the end is near. The people of Iran are fomenting a nationwide revolution. The mullahs and their apparatchiks are toast. There will soon be one less tyranny in the world, one less state-sponsor of terrorism, one less Shari’a-ruled country oppressing its people.

Why do I say this? All credible polls of the Iranian population indicate that anywhere from 75-80% are fed up with the religious government and want it eradicated, to be replaced by a secular government. They are not necessarily rejecting Shi’a Islam, though other polls show that at least 40% of the population (a conservative number) no longer consider themselves Muslims — they have turned to Zoroastrianism, Christianity, atheism, or are in limbo, but they have definitely discarded Islam. So much has gone wrong after 43 years of ayatollahs. Over that period of time, the religious leaders have demonstrated their incompetence at running a country in perhaps too many ways to count. But here are a few:

  • Less than a year after taking power, Ayatollah Khomeini entered a bloody war with Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. During the course of this war, the mullahs recruited boys to become child soldiers, reportedly giving them plastic “keys to paradise” and promising that those martyred would go immediately to the Paradise of Qur’anic fame. These child soldiers had little training and were used primarily as sacrificial victims walking through minefields ahead of the regular troops, and as part of the human waves that Iran used to try to overwhelm their superiorly-armed Iraqi foes. Estimates vary, but the number of dead boys used in this unconscionable manner is in the tens of thousands.
  • In an effort to consolidate their power, the mullahs under Khomeini ruthlessly eliminated their major internal opponents, holding show trials before executions. This culminated in 1988 with a purge of over 30,000 individuals convicted by kangaroo courts and summarily executed. The current President of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi, was one of three senior clerics overseeing this judicial murder spree. The Iranian people have not forgotten this brutal travesty of justice.
  • Over the last three decades, the regime’s top leadership has become obscenely rich through graft and institutional privilege while the majority of Iranians have fallen below the internationally-determined poverty line. The Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, is reputed to be worth over 90 billion dollars personally, while the average annual salary across Iran in 2022 is roughly $5,500. The soaring graft and corruption among government officials coupled with widespread indifference to the burdens of the masses has led to a seething resentment toward the government.
  • Though the government is starved for money and its people are starved for bread, the mullahs nonetheless continue to export their “Islamic revolution” throughout the Middle East, granting millions in cash and weaponry to Hezbollah in Lebanon, to the proxies in Iraq, to Assad’s government in Syria, to Hamas in Gaza, and to the Houthis in Yemen. Likewise, in their obsession to destroy Israel they continue to fund their military to build increasingly accurate ballistic and short-range missles, hi-tech drones and of course, nuclear weapons. The mullahs have never hidden their hatred of Israel (and the United States), and bread taken from the mouths of the poor is apparently an exchange worth making to one day exterminate the “Zionist entity”
  • The mullahs’ incompetence in running the economy has led to an inflation rate over 50% this year. In the last four years it has hovered between twenty and fifty percent, effectively wiping out the middle class and forcing massive numbers of people into crushing poverty. The government’s primary source of income, crude oil sales, has been hugely impacted by Western sanctions and embargoes, such that past largesse from on high to the people has dried up. In late 2019, the government abruptly raised its highly subsidized gasoline prices 200%, causing massive protests and riots throughout the country. By the time the brutal regime tactics had put down the revolt two months later, over 1500 citizens had been murdered in the streets, over 4000 wounded and over 12,000 arrested.
  • The regime has been caught in bald-faced lies so many times that the citizenry pays little attention to the government’s official news organs. When on January 8, 2020 a commercial airliner was shot down by a spooked Iranian missile defense battery, killing 176 people, the regime denied any involvement until the mounting evidence was overwhelming. It took them three days to admit culpability, although they still blamed “American adventurism” for giving them itchy trigger fingers. When COVID rocked the world starting around February 2020, Iran was hit hard with the virus, having numerous daily flights from Wuhan to Tehran and other Iranian airports bringing pilgrims to crowded religious sites in the country. Government leaders denied there was any danger, and asserted that pilgrims would be protected by Allah in any case. Due to their inaction, the virus spread quickly and widely, vastly overtaxing Iran’s medical services. Though vaccines had quickly been developed by US companies, Khamenei declared that Iran would never accept vaccines produced by America, fearing a conspiracy, and instead promised that Iran would produce an effective and widely-available vaccine of its own. The people are still waiting. In the meantime, over a half-million Iranians have died of COVID, one of the highest per capita death rates in the world. The government’s lies led to the nation’s devastation by this virus, and Iranian citizens know this.
  • For over a decade, the country of Iran has suffered from severe drought. While this is not the fault of the regime, of course, their mismanagement of natural resources is. Iran is facing enormous deforestation and desertification due to foolhardy decisions made by those controlling the country’s rivers and lakes. Water resources have been rerouted by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) which builds dams for the water requisite for its military factories with no regard for farming and urban needs. Major rivers have been reduced to trickles, and the country’s largest lake, Urmia, has almost disappeared. Many metropolitan centers are facing a lack of potable water, and the regime has had to resort to trucking in drinking water and enforcing rationing. Amid growing anger over its incompetence, the leadership has claimed that the blame needs to fall on Israel, which obviously has developed the dastardly technology able to prevent rainclouds from entering Iranian airspace. However, in July and August many regions of Iran were hit with heavy rainstorms, leading to deadly flashfloods. This severe runoff reflected both the problems of deforestation and the government’s ineptitude for environmental planning to make use of this excess water to ease drought conditions. Perhaps Israel is again to blame, flipping its magical switch to now force clouds to cover Iran.
  • Islamic Shari’a-driven regimes are inherently repressive, forcing their populations to abide by “Allah’s Law,” which must be obeyed and which cannot change. After 43 years, Iranians, many of whom initially welcomed Khomeini and the promise of an Islamic utopia, have come to their senses. With the recent murder of 22 year-old Mahsa Amini on August 12th (a Kurdish-Iranian woman who was savagely beaten to death by the official “morality police” for allowing some wisps of hair to show around the edges of her hijab), women across Iran as well as college and high school students are protesting religious and political oppression. They have been joined by tens of thousands of others with their own longstanding grievances against the regime (such as retired workers whose pension payments have been cut off because the government has no money to pay them, and families whose relatives have been taken away by the authorities and imprisoned with explanation or trial). Amini’s reprehensible murder has become the trigger for 25 straight days (and counting) of massive protest across the country. To date, uprisings are appearing in over 170 cities, even in spite of harsh repressive tactics by the IRGC and the Basij paramilitary, both of whom use violence (including bullets) against the protesters. Estimates are that so far over 400 civilians have been killed by the regime and over 20,000 arrested. Iranians are now using the term “revolution” rather than just “protest” to express their intention to replace the mullahs.

Slogans and chants on the streets often give insight into the moods of the public. Here are some of the words on the lips of those brave enough to face their oppressors:

“Death to the Dictator / Death to Khamenei” (Iran’s Supreme Leader) — a few years ago, this would have led to the arrest and potential disappearance of the speaker.

“Death to Raisi! / Raisi get lost!” — Iran’s recently “elected” president, also known as “The Butcher” for his role in the 1988 executions of some 30,000 dissidents.

“Mullahs get lost!” — its not just those in governmental positions but the whole Shi’ite theocracy that the people are rejecting.

“No Gaza. No Lebanon, I give my life for Iran!” — a recognition that while Iranians are in desperate poverty, Iran is sending billions outside the country to support its “Islamic revolution” in Lebanon, Syria, Gaza, Yemen and Iraq.

“No fear, we’re all together!” — chanted by crowds of high school students.

“Freedom, freedom, freedom / Freedom is our right!” — on the lips of college students.

“No to veil, no to oppression, freedom and equality!”

“Death to the Basij / I will kill those who killed my sister!” – the Basij are the regime’s paramilitary arm, much like a vigilante mob with official government sanction. It was beatings by Basij members that caused 22 year-old Mahsa Amini’s death for an improperly worn veil.

“This is the year when [Khamenei] is overthrown!”

“It’s a bloody year and Khamenei is going to topple!”

“Raisi is a liar! Death to this deceitful regime!” — chanted by farmers depending on water allocations promised but never delivered by the government.

“Our enemy is right here! They lie in saying its America!”

“Ambulances are for the sick!” — a recognition that the regime is using medical vehicles to camouflage the movement of troops ordered to quell riots or the secret transport of detainees to prisons.

“Khamenei is a murderer! His rule is illegitimate!”

As this incipient revolution gains steam, it will need coordinated leadership from a group with vision for Iran’s future under a secular government. Though no one opposition movement has as of yet gathered the allegiance of all the protestors, the main contender is the National Council of Resistance of Iran, a democratic political coalition founded in Iran in 1981 and now headquartered in Paris. Its stated goal is to help overthrow the mullah’s regime and then serve for six months as a transitional government to “…organize a free and fair election for a National Legislative and Constituent Assembly that will determine the future form of government in Iran and transfer power to the representatives of the people of Iran.” One can only hope.

Meanwhile, what is needed abroad is for Western governments to push for the right of all Iranians to freely and peacefully determine their own future as a nation. Sanctions against the repressive regime are not enough. The United States should take the lead in publicly exposing the criminal activities of Khamenei, Raisi and their henchmen before the world at the United Nations General Assembly. President Biden should jettison the moribund talks aimed at reviving the deeply flawed JCPOA negotiations that have dragged on since his administration took power. He should instead forthrightly declare the Islamic Republic of Iran to be a state sponsor of terrorism and work with regional powers to sever the tentacles of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps which presently reaches into Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza and Yemen with money, training and weaponry, seeking to destabilize existing governments and plant the seeds of pro-Iranian Shi’ism.

None of this is presently happening. Though the protests have spread like wildfire within Iran, and have now continued unabated for almost four weeks (longer by far than any previous uprising), Biden has been silent, seemingly unwilling to side with the oppressed people of Iran. Apparently, he learned nothing from Obama’s deafness in 2009 to the cries of the victims of the Green Revolution as they were being mercilessly gunned down by Iran’s thuggish forces, granting another thirteen years of life to this religious tyranny. The USA should be applying all its diplomatic, economic and international influence to isolate and weaken the regime, and to strengthen those in the forefront of the opposition.

The West’s relative silence is unconscionable. Every day the mullahs remain in power, eighty-five million Persians continue to suffer in ways beyond our experience and imagining. Most of us peons are relegated to helplessness as we watch and pray for the toppling of Islamic tyranny and the dawning of a new age for the Persian peoples, one which gives the freedom and opportunity to be governed as they see it. It can’t come soon enough!

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Can We Stop the Hate?

It’s been over two months since the mass murder of 19 young students and two teachers at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TX on May 24th. In the days since, I’ve listened to pundits and politicians share their strong views on what went wrong and what needs to be done to prevent similar atrocities in the future. As far as I can tell, the solutions offered boil down to two actions: crack down on the easy legal and illegal access to guns, especially fast-action semi-automatic weapons; harden soft targets with especially vulnerable populations, such as schools.

While these solutions may have some impact on the numbers of mass shootings occurring in our nation, such results are in no way assured. If someone is determined to obtain weapon to use against others, there are always avenues available. Even if all guns could be magically eradicated from the USA, those infected with a lust for violence would just turn to other means — we have already seen knife attacks, vehicular manslaughter, and homemade bombs, And if all schools were hardened to prevent attacks, those seeking to do mayhem would just shift their target to other soft, well-populated sites: playgrounds, malls, churches, restaurants, and amusement parks. Are we prepared for the expense and loss of freedom necessitated by hardening all public venues? Can you imagine all of America transformed into TSA security stations? What joy!

The problem with these suggested solution is that they treat the symptoms rather than the causes. The question of why our culture has grown increasingly violent, hateful and destructive is not being addressed. Instead, we are trying to contain the increasing outbreaks of violence by limiting deadly weapons and fortifying potential targets. This is a losing proposition, because most Americans will not abide the infringements on personal liberty that these approaches will demand.

The closest I’ve heard to a more insightful solution came not from a politician or pundit but from a father who lost his child in the 1999 Columbine High School shootings. His concise statement was, “We need to harden soft targets and soften hard hearts.”

The second half of that statement is key to finding a permanent cure for our epidemic of violence. But the perplexing question is, “How do we soften hard hearts?” How do we as a culture move from callous indifference or active hatred of others to a society where people treat one another with kindness and respect, where consciences are sensitized against acting on violent or hateful inclinations? To attempt a helpful answer we must ask what originally contributed to the creation of a healthy, irenic society, and what has contributed to its disintegration.

There is no question that our country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, with the understanding that as human beings we are morally answerable to a divine authority for how we live our lives and how we treat others. Built into our worldview was the core belief that human beings are created in the image and likeness of God (from Genesis 1:26-27) and as such are to be treated with dignity and respect. The Golden Rule was universally known and accepted as the summit of moral excellence to which all should aspire. While this foundational rubric did not prevent evil from intruding on communal life, it certainly served as a governor on the worst of human impulses and created a common expectation of positive moral behavior.

In the intervening years we have seen the dismantling of our founding framework. America’s worldview (if there even is one that binds our citizens in outlook) has jettisoned what used to be axiomatic truths about God and humanity. There are at least three ways our deterioration as a society has contributed to our present culture of violence.

Desacralization. We have lost the common belief in a divine lawgiver and judge to whom we must answer for our behaviors. There is no motivating fear of hell or heaven, and thus no compunction about transgressing God’s laws. Indeed, there are no divine rules, only our self-made ethic. And your rules are no better than mine. We have all becomes gods in our own eyes. The universe has become mundane.

Dehumanization, Since we no longer believe in God, why would we think that human beings are created in His image and likeness? If human beings are merely the result of molecules and happenstance, what makes them any more important or valuable than a jellyfish or moonrock? Why should I be concerned with the “rights” of others, if they don’t forward my own selfish interests? If there is no ultimate arbiter of right and wrong, and if there is nothing for me after the grave to fear or to strive for, then why not grab for all the pleasure I can get in this world, whatever the cost to others? It’s every man for himself. It’s not surprising then to hear, like I did in 2013, of people killing others at random simply because they wanted to know how it felt to murder someone. To jettison the Judeo-Christian concept of God is to reject as a corollary the biblical concept of human nature. Secular humanism has not been able to offer a commonly accepted understanding of human nature that compels its followers to treat fellow human beings with dignity and respect, much less love. If, as in the words of humanist philosopher Bertrand Russell, everything that constitutes the life of any human being is nothing more than “the outcome of accidental collocations of atoms,” which one day will be extinguished from memory in the “vast death of the solar system,” then why should I have any concern for anything other than my own impulses? If I want to go massacre helpless students in elementary school, or to infect millions of people with a deadly virus, why should I listen to someone who tells me it is wrong? On what basis? The moral bedrock of secular humanism, the prevailing worldview of the West today, is shifting sand.

Desensitization. I hear from time to time that there have been many scientific studies debunking the notion that repeated exposure to violence in the entertainment media (movies, TV and video games) plays no noticeable role in the increase in violence among its consumers, but I don’t believe it. Those who crusade against pornography argue convincingly that exposure to such images leads to the objectification of women, turning them into objects rather than real people, and leading consumers of porn to treat women generally as objects for their gratification. If that is true, then what would we say about children and adults who spend countless hours watching fictional characters getting blown to bits, or gunned down by the scores, or having their throats slit? Even worse, what happens to those who participate in virtual violence hour after hour, day after day, playing realistic video games? Is it any surprise that after being immersed in an imaginary world steeped in violence, our culture finds itself acting in increasingly violent ways?

If this assessment is somewhat accurate, then what we need in order to reverse our epidemic of violence is a return to a commonly held worldview containing at least a belief in a morally good Creator, human beings as created in the image of God, and the goal of living out the Golden Rule. This, of course, cannot be imposed on society from without. A worldview can only be accepted willingly, or by osmosis; it cannot be forced. But such a worldview already exists in the Bible, and hence in churches which hold the Bible to be the Word of God.

If our culture is going to change for the better, it is going to have to start as a movement within the churches of America. Moral sea changes have happened before in our national history as a result of widespread movements of the Holy Spirit among the people of God known as the First and Second Great Awakenings. The spiritual and moral transformations of Christian communities have had rippling effects on wider society and led to changed worldviews and consequent behaviors.

This, of course, takes time. It’s not as easy and catchy as saying “Get rid of guns” or “Harden our schools,” but those approaches are like popping aspirins for a headache caused by cancer. We may mask the symptoms but the underlying disease remains and continues to grow.

The Church needs to get serious about the One we serve and the way we manifest His life to the larger world. We need to reclaim a Christian view of family life. We need to win back the world of higher education. We need to be on the forefront of showing love to the hurting and helpless. These are not pipedreams. The Church used to do this — back in our American history, almost all the institutions of higher learning, from universities to preparatory schools were founded by denominations or Christians moved by their vision of the Kingdom of God. The same is true with hospitals, asylums, orphanages and rehabilitation centers.

As Christians retreated from leadership in our culture over the last hundred or more years, the intellectual, social and moral vacuum was increasingly filled by the worldview of secular humanism. The world is now reaping the fruit of a reality where human beings have dethroned God and crowned ourselves in His place. It is not a healthy harvest.

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CAIR Condemns Hostage-Taker (and Muhammad)

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has once again exposed itself as duplicitous or ignorant, and it should be closed down. According to its website, CAIR’s first mission goal is “to enhance understanding of Islam,” followed by protecting civil rights (of Muslims), promoting justice (of Muslims), and empowering American Muslims. It styles itself as “the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization.”

For the last eleven years, since the arrest and conviction of terrorist Aafia Siddiqui in 2010, CAIR has joined forces with other Muslim activist organizations to demand what multiple Muslim terrorist groups around the world are clamoring for: the release of Siddiqui (known informally as “Lady al-Qaeda”) from serving an 86-year sentence in US federal prison.

CAIR-Texas DFW - YouTube

Five days ago, an ethnically Pakistani Muslim man named Malik Faisal Akram with British citizenship popped up on the public radar after traveling from his home city of Blackburn, England, to Colleyville, TX to enter a synagogue and take Jewish hostages. Why Colleyville? Because it is roughly 24 miles from the Federal Medical Center, Carswell, in Fort Worth, where Aafia Siddiqui is being presently receiving medical treatment. Why a synagogue? Because Akram was demanding the release of Aafia Siddiqui, and he believed the widespread fantasy in the Muslim world that Jews control the world, and especially the United States government, and where better to find Jews than at a synagogue. Why take Jews hostage? Because they would serve as his bargaining chips to move the Jewish overlords to force the American authorities to set Aafia Siddiqui free. Besides, Muslims are taught by the Qur’an that Jews are the implacable enemies of Muslims, and Muslim leaders teach their listeners ad nauseam that Jews are behind every evil that has afflicted mankind. Thus, any action by Muslims leading to the humiliation of Jews must be a praiseworthy activity in the eyes of Allah.

Faisal Akram apparently spoke by phone during the hostage standoff with Gulbar, one of his brothers back in Blackburn, and revealed that he had been planning this assault for two years, that he had come to America on a jihadi mission and that his plan was to “go down as a martyr.” He also revealed that he had recently promised another terminally-ill brother with Covid that he would join him soon as a martyr. When Gulbar tried to convince Faisal to end the standoff and surrender to authorities, the self-styled jihadi refused, saying, “I’ve come to die … I’d rather live one day as a lion than 100 years as a jackal. … I’m coming home in a body bag.” He hoped his example would lead many young Muslim men to follow in his footsteps against America and the Jews.

“I’m opening the doors for every youngster to enter America and f**k with them…. Why do we need these mother f***ers to come to our country and do f***ing battle, and we cannot come to their country? They come into our f***ing countries, rape our women and f**k our kids, and we cannot come in their country and f**k with them? I am setting the precedent today.”

What does CAIR have to do with all this? There is no known link between CAIR and the hostage-taker. Indeed, within hours of the news breaking, the CAIR National Deputy Director Edward Ahmed Mitchell issued a statement denouncing the actions of Akram:

“We strongly condemn the hostage-taking at Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville, Texas. This latest antisemitic attack at a house of worship is an unacceptable act of evil. We stand in solidarity with the Jewish community, and we pray that law enforcement authorities are able to swiftly and safely free the hostages. No cause can justify or excuse this crime. We are in contact with local community leaders to learn more and provide any assistance that we can.”  

This statement sounds very commendable, and one could wish that all Muslims would sincerely endorse these sentiments. Unfortunately, for anyone who knows the history of Muhammad with the Jews, as well as the teachings of the Qur’an concerning the Jews, this CAIR statement is a smokescreen to mislead the public. Either CAIR knows the anti-Semitic hatred inculcated among the world’s Muslims through Islam’s authoritative religious sources, and so is lying about its “solidarity with the Jewish community”, or it is unaware of the teachings and actions of Muhammad with regard to the Jews, in which case it has no business representing itself as correctly interpreting Islam to American society. Likewise, regarding the strategy of hostage-taking, CAIR either knows of the actions of Muhammad authorizing such activity for the advancement of the cause of Islam and is hiding this from the American public, or it is ignorant of this key part of Islamic strategy in subduing its enemies, as so should fold up shop. Either way, whether through duplicity or ignorance, CAIR is misrepresenting Islam to America, and as a result seeking to prop up the fairy tale that true Islam is a religion of peace.

For those who doubt what I am saying, let me share with you just a smattering of materials from standard Islamic sources to demonstrate the truth of what I claim.

The Qur’an teaches that Jews are inveterate liars, taking the truths of God and twisting them to mislead others (3.78). They immerse themselves in falsehood (5.41), fabricating things about God and His commands (2.79; 3.75, 3.181).  They cannot be trusted to keep their word to others (2.100), demonstrating their hard-heartedness (2.74). They are unhappy over the good fortune of others (3.120), particularly Muslims. In fact, of all the peoples of the world, Jews harbor the greatest enmity toward Muslims (5.82). They are ever disputing and arguing over the revelations of Allah (2.247), as they opposed and disobeyed God’s past prophets sent directly to them (2.55), even going so far as to kill them (2.61). Because of this behavior, some of their ancestors were transformed by Allah into apes or pigs (2.65; 5.60; 7.166). Instead of embracing the truths proclaimed by Muhammad, they arrogantly prefer to follow their own vain imaginings (2.87). They love to spread corruption over the face of the whole earth (5.64; 17.4)). As a result of all these transgressions, Allah’s curse is fixed on them (9.30). True believers are warned never to take Jews as friends or allies (5.51); indeed, Muslims are to make war against them until they are fully subjugated under the rule of Islam.

Ibn Ishaq, Muslim author of the earliest, most authoritative biography of his prophet (The Life of Muhammad, trans. Alfred Guillaume), records Muhammad addressing the last of the three Jewish tribes he expelled from Medina in less than five years after he had migrated there: “You brothers of monkeys, has God disgraced you and brought His vengeance upon you?” (p. 461). When Muhammad finally takes them captive, he orders the men of the tribe (some 600-900) to be beheaded, and then orders the women and children to be taken as slaves for the Muslims. Prior to this event, during the tumultuous five years of agitation between the Muslims and Jews of Medina, Muhammad felt insulted by the crass behavior of some Jewish men and commanded his followers, “Kill any Jew that falls into your power” (p. 369). Ibn Ishaq records that one of the Muslims immediately went to a Jewish businessman with whom he had done many mutually beneficial transactions and summarily murders him.

Lastly, of the many Hadith traditions that mention Muhammad’s stance toward the Jews, two stand out above all. The first records Muhammad’s final words before his death, and one is not surprised to discover that even at this point his mind is consumed with an execration leveled against Jews and Christians. The spirit of this curse has lived in the hearts of devoted Muslims ever since.

When the last moment of the life of Allah’s Apostle came he started putting his ‘Khamisa’ [shirt] on his face and when he felt hot and short of breath he took it off his face and said, “May Allah curse the Jews and Christians for they built the places of worship at the graves of their Prophets.” The Prophet was warning (Muslims) of what those had done. (Bukhari, 7.72.706).

The second is even more poisonous, for it legitimizes anti-Semitic hatred till the end of time:

Allah’s Apostle said, “The Hour [of judgment] will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say. “O Muslim! there is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him.” (Bukhari, 4.52.177).

All of this material is well-known to educated Muslims. Given Muhammad’s clear, anti-Semitic teachings and actions, CAIR’s statement that they stand in solidarity with the Jewish community (in opposition to the Qur’an’s command of 5:82) and that they condemn Akram’s hostage-taking as “an unacceptable act of evil” (are there any acceptable acts of evil?) means they will now have to condemn their prophet for his repeated evils. Will this happen? I won’t hold my breath.

But CAIR’s duplicity is found not only their veiling of Islam’s inherent anti-Semitism. When they feign horror at a fellow Muslim’s hostage-taking of Jews to advance the cause of Islam, they hide the fact that Muhammad practiced hostage-taking himself and left it as an example for the armies of Islam to emulate after him.

In 47.4 of the Qur’an, Allah commands his faithful:

When you meet the unbelievers, smite their necks, then, when you have made wide slaughter among them, tie fast the bonds; then set them free, either by grace or ransom, till the war lays down its loads. 

Likewise, prisoners of war can be taken by Allah’s prophet, but only after he has inflicted widespread death on the enemy:

“It is not fitting for a Prophet that he should have prisoners of war until he has made a great slaughter in the land”(8.67)

This supremacy over the enemy is meant to instruct them that they are not to oppose Allah and his religion any longer, but rather submit.

“So if you gain the mastery over them in war, punish them severely in order to disperse those who are behind them, so that they may learn a lesson” (8.57).

Muslim scholars over the centuries have debated the degree of options available to the caliph/emir when prisoners have been taken: execution; ransom; retention as slaves; or gracious release. Muhammad utilized all these options over the course of his career. The majority of scholars (including “luminaries” such as Tabari, Ibn Kathir, Ibn Qudama, Ibn Taymiyyah and Al-Suyuti) declare that all these choices are open to the Muslim ruler, as he determines what is in the best interest of the advancement of Islam. This determination of course varies according to the prevailing circumstances.

Muslim apologists may rightly observe that the decision to take hostages rests with the authority of the caliph/ruler, and is not the prerogative of any Tom, Dick or Harry. That is true, when it comes to offensive jihad, i.e., when the leader of the Islamic world orders an offensive war against non-Muslim forces. No individual Muslim has the right to initiate jihad against others. However, there exists today no recognized “caliph” over the Muslim world. Furthermore, when the Muslim world has been attacked by non-Muslim enemies, it is the responsibility of every Muslim to join in defensive jihad to repel the infidels and recoup whatever has been lost. This has been the logic employed by Osama bin Laden (and countless other jihadi leaders in launching attacks against the West) – “They started it; we’re only defending ourselves.”

As it turns out, this was also the mindset of Malik Faisal Akram, who intended to take Jewish hostages to force the release of his heroine, Lady al-Qaeda. CAIR may disagree with his tactics, but they cannot deny that such behavior, modeled on the actions and teachings of Muhammad, cannot be condemned as an unacceptable act of evil. Not if you’re a committed follower of the prophet of Islam and his god.

So what’s it going to be, CAIR? Do you know the history and teachings of your religion? Are you going to come clean and acknowledge that Akbar in his hostage-taking was acting more in accordance with Islam than you in your mealy-mouthed statement of condemnation, dripping with disingenuousness and deceit? It’s time to be honest with us infidels. Or close up shop.

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Tilting at the Windmills of Jihad

Two weeks ago, on September 11th, The Wall Street Journal published an opinion piece entitled “The War on Terror Shifts to ‘Brainistan’.” Written by Tawfik Hamid, an Egyptian medical doctor now living in the USA as an American citizen, the article claims that the war on Islamic terror continues because we have been treating only symptoms rather than underlying causes.

See the source image

Hamid knows something about the subject, revealing that as a young man in Egypt he was enthralled with the radical Islam of the Muslim Brotherhood and quickly joined the Jamaat Islamiyya movement founded by another medical doctor, Ayman Zawahiri, who of course later became the number 2 man of al-Qaeda under Osama bin Laden, and then its leader after bin Laden’s assassination. Within a few years, Hamid became disillusioned with the movement and began to speak out against what he now calls “the violent perversion of my faith.”

Based on his first-hand experience, Hamid asserts that the West is woefully ignorant of the Muslim militant mindset and so has failed completely to create and implement “…effective techniques to detect the jihadists and terrorists lurking among us.”

Likewise, we have failed to help Muslims eliminate the theological roots in their source materials out of which have grown the modern-day practices of jihadism. Hamid offers some suggestions as to how to get us on the right track.

Unfortunately, though what Hamid proposes looks impressive on paper, the devil is in the details, and once we look more deeply into his proposals we find them short on praxis and heavy on idealism.

For example, his first suggestion to make our country safe from terrorist attacks is: “Create and implement an impenetrable vetting process to detect terrorists….” Who could disagree with this? But the key word is “impenetrable”, and as Hamid himself notes, Muslim radicals embrace the practice of “taqiyya”, the use of lies and subterfuge for the protection and advancement of Islam in the world. Jihadists, he says, “…are as dedicated to lying as they are to dying.” While there is no doubt our immigrant vetting process needs stronger and more effective screening techniques, making it impenetrable is a pipedream. The bigger problem in this arena is not an effective process, but the will by our administration to employ it resolutely. The fear of being labelled “Islamophobic” squelches the smallest effort at detecting potential terrorists and forbidding them access to our shores. Until as a society we deal with the “Islamophobia” canard, even an “impenetrable vetting process” will prove useless since fearmongering will prevent its robust implementation.

Hamid’s second prescription is: “Initiate an education program for refugees to counter the root causes of Islamic radicalism, such as absolutism, judgmentalism and literalism.” He proposes utilizing various techniques of cognitive psychology supplant fundamental Muslim concepts and replace them with more moderate Western understandings. In essence, Hamid wants to “deprogram” Muslims from their orthodox beliefs so they are less likely to take the Qur’an, Hadiths and sunna so seriously. The Qur’an, however, is built upon a worldview of absolutism, judgmentalism and literalism. After all, Muslims are breastfed on the belief that the words of the Qur’an are the literal words of Allah – if this is no longer believed, then Islam’s raison d’etre comes into grave question, and Muhammad’s role as the perfect transmitter of Allah’s words is hates, and therefore for what the true Muslim is to love or hate. Worst of all human traits from Allah’s point of view is disbelief in him and his prophet. The Arabic root word in the Qur’an behind this concept of unbelief is kafara, from which the word kafir (disbeliever/infidel) and its plural kuffar derive. Kafara appears 525 times in fourteen derived forms throughout the Qur’an, a book slightly smaller than the New Testament. Such prominent usage underscores the judgment that those who refuse to believe in Islam are doomed to face the wrath of Allah and his followers. Indeed, Sura 98.6 declares, “Indeed, they who disbelieved [kafaru] among the People of the Scripture [Jews and Christians] and the polytheists will be in the fire of Hell, abiding eternally therein. Those are the worst of creatures.” The judgmentalism of the Qur’an against all who reject the message of Muhammad is impossible to erase from the hearts of those who enshrine it as the perfect and sublime words of Allah, impervious to change.

Perhaps Hamid’s reeducation idea would work with those Muslims less committed to the teachings of Islam. But for the fully-committed, hardened-in-their-faith radicals, such efforts prove fruitless, and indeed sometimes lead to even further radicalization. Back in 2004, the Saudi government began terrorist reeducation efforts, and in 2007 established the much-ballyhooed Mohammed bin Nayef Center for Counseling and Care (wryly labeled “the Betty Ford Center for Terrorists”), the kingdom’s vaunted extremist rehabilitation center. After years of efforts the government publicly acknowledges a 20% recidivism rate among “graduates”. Others, such as US intelligence agencies, put the failure rate much higher. In September 2014, for example, when Saudi police rounded up 88 suspected al-Qaeda operatives in the Kingdom, they discovered that 59 of them had completed their “rehabilitation” work at the bin Nayef center and been released back into society. Two months later, after an attack on Shi’ites in the village of al-Dalwah, authorities rounded up 77 members of the terrorist cell group behind the attack and discovered that 47 of them were alumni of the Saudi rehab center. The Obama administration, as well, released numerous Guantanamo terrorist detainees, after being reassured by countries willing to receive them that they would not return to battle, only to discover subsequently that such was not the case. Most recently, we saw that four of the five Afghan terrorists released to secure the freedom of US Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl have been chosen for senior positions in the new Taliban government of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

This is not to say that all reeducation efforts are necessarily doomed to failure, only that they are not the panacea some wish to claim.

Hamid’s third recommendation is: “Support efforts already under way in the Middle East to fight radicalism.” This piggy-backs on the reeducation recommendation above, though expands that to include what religious moderates and secularists are doing through social media and internet sites to neuter mainstream Islamic teachings and make them harmless to non-believers. Though these efforts attract the attention of those who know little of the history of Islamic practice and theology, others who are much more familiar with the Qur’an and the life of Muhammad will not be persuaded by unorthodox approaches to sweeping reinterpretations of the message of Islam.

Lastly, Tawfik Hamid calls for a strategic plan to defeat radical Islam by “cutting out the religious underpinning of jihad,” (what he calls “Brainistan”), something I believe to be utterly impossible without neutering Islam into a completely different religion. Since a core tenet of Islam is that the Qur’an is inviolable and cannot be changed, the idea of excising the many commands to violence and subjugation will fall on deaf ears among Muslims, or even worse (as Hamid himself knows) will lead to Muslims considering him a heretic worthy of death. The Arabic root term (jahada) for the noun jihad occurs 41 times in the Qur’an, in five derived forms. Four times it appears as mujahideen (those who engage in jihad) and in each of these cases it refers to armed conflict against infidels (see 4.95 and 47.31). Though jihad itself has the generic meaning of “striving, effort”, when it is paired with the prepositional phrase fi sabil allah (“in the way of Allah”), it invariably refers to military attempts to conquer the enemy. Even more disconcerting is that fact that the concept of jihad is often paired in the Qur’an with the term qatala (“to fight with the intent of killing”). This term is found 170 times in the Muslim scriptures in eight derived forms. Both jahada and qatala appear as commands from Allah – Muhammad and his followers are to wage war and kill the infidel until there is no more opposition anywhere to the supremacy of Islam. Worst of all is the promise Allah makes to the faithful in the form of a bargain – if they will fight in the way of Allah, killing and being killed for his sake, he will guarantee them a place in paradise. This is what fills the minds and hearts of jihadis as they head off to do their mayhem – should they die as martyrs in the process of killing others they will expect their virgin sex dolls and pastoral delights and a cornucopia of comestibles.

In addition to this is the fact that the Hadith traditions and the early biographies of Muhammad are shot through with the celebrated savage exploits of the Arabian prophet and his cronies, which in turn inspired those Islamic jurisprudents who put together Shari’a (the perfect laws of Allah for human society) to include a major section on the subject of jihad. In the Shari’a manual known as Umdat al-Salik (“Reliance of the Traveller”) jihad is straightforwardly defined as “to war against non-Muslims…signifying warfare to establish Islam” and it is enjoined as an obligation for every Muslim.

For Hamid to excise “the underpinning of jihad” from Islam would mean a radical alteration of the “perfect” Qur’an, the rejection of massive amounts of the Hadith traditions as well as of the earliest Muslim biographies of their prophet, and the acknowledgement that the impeccable Shari’a of Allah is in fact flawed and needs to be corrected. In effect, to remove the underpinning of jihad from Islam leads to the destruction of Islam and its claims to be the perfect religion of Allah delivered by his angel flawlessly to his prophet, the excellent example given to mankind for emulation.

But if Tawfik Hamid is able to do this, I say, “More power to him!” Any efforts to neutralize the malignant influence of Islam on the world are more than welcome, and should he be able to bring about the religion’s demise, all the better.

See the source image

However, in my opinion, “Brainistan” would better be named “Vainistan”, for jihad is inherent to the Islam of Muhammad. Hamid’s dream is a fool’s errand, but then, everyone is entitled to choose his own windmills to tilt at.

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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

In the 1980s the music group The Clash released one of their top hits, “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” If Joe Biden ever heard the song, its question didn’t remain unanswered in his mind. Concerning Afghanistan, he apparently concluded even before being elected, “Go.”

Was Joe Biden right to end the war on terror in Afghanistan?

Well, let’s be clear from the start. The pullout of all American troops may have ended our fighting on Afghani land (though for how long remains to be seen), but it has not ended the war on Islamic terror. Quite to the contrary, it has merely changed the frontlines from a concentrated focal point to a myriad of flashpoints around the world wherever Islamic terror organizations or lone wolves see an opportunity.

The Biden administration argues that the end of American military involvement in Afghanistan has resulted in these benefits: our troops are now out of harm’s way; we are saving money by not having to sustain a presence halfway around the world, we have rescued almost 125,000 people from the bloodthirsty rule of the Taliban, and President Biden looks good because he kept his campaign promise to get us out of an “endless war.”

But all of these benefits are short-sighted. Our troops are no longer in danger in Afghanistan, but has our ignominious defeat at the hands of the Taliban set us up for attacks by other militant Islamic groups emboldened by our retreat. To the Muslim world it looks like the Great Satan has retreated with our tail between our legs, like cowardly dogs. This is certainly how the militant propaganda is playing out in the Muslim street. If America really is a paper tiger, now is the time to strike and win our cause.

The calculations on saving money are always arcane. Yes, we are no longer pouring money into propping up an inept Afghan government and army, but we are taking in roughly 120,000 refugees (and maybe significantly more) at an average cost of $15,900 per person annually (totaling roughly $9.6 billion over the next five years). We are contemplating massive amounts of emergency humanitarian aid through international agencies since the UN has declared the people of Afghanistan to be in catastrophic danger if international aid is not immediately delivered. And, of course, it is impossible to calculate in advance what the cost to our country will be if another 9/11 attack is successfully carried out on our soil.

It is true we have removed 125,000 people from potential harm by the Taliban, but by our leaders’ cut-and-run strategy we have allowed the Taliban to take over the whole country, now subjecting some 38 million Afghanis to the brutal policies and practices of this violent terror operation.

By keeping his promise to stop the “endless war”, President Biden gains points from his sycophants, but very few others. The war against Islamic terror has not ended with our retreat from Afghanistan. Indeed, one could reasonably argue that our bungled departure has fueled the hopes of our self-proclaimed Muslim enemies. They increasingly believe we are weak and vulnerable, and are encouraged to take the battle to us, believing that Allah has put wind in their sails and more victories are at hand.

But here is a list of the many negative consequences of our pullout from Afghanistan:

  • The country is now under the full control of the Taliban, whose goal is to institute Shari’a as the law of the land (compare Pakistan and Saudi Arabia as countries which envisioned the same).
  • The Taliban now have tens of billions’ worth of military materiel we left behind or gave to the Afghan armed forces, which disintegrated and disappeared as the Taliban advanced. Wittingly or unwittingly, we have now surpassed Iran as the number one state sponsor of terrorism through this debacle. Reports are that the Taliban have already sent some of “our” military trucks stocked with weaponry by convoy to Iran in exchange for money and/or infrastructure expertise. Whatever we may have left containing advanced technology will undoubtedly be reverse-engineered by the Iranians, Chinese or Russians or used to develop effective countermeasures to our weaponry. In addition to military hardware, the Taliban have found pallet-loads of stacked US $100 bills totaling in the tens of millions if not more. Whatever it was originally meant for, this bonanza will now fuel the malign agenda of the Taliban.
  • Why are we seeing photos and videos of Taliban soldiers fully decked out in US military gear, posing in cockpits or driving Humvees? These acts are inspired by the supremacist worldview of the Qur’an which teaches Muslims that they are the best of all peoples, and that with Allah on their side they can defeat armies even with the odds stacked against them. Muslim combatants are guaranteed to share in the spoils of war, and so the brandishing of advanced US weaponry, the posturing in US military uniforms, the gathering around US Blackhawk helicopters and other military hardware are ways by which the Taliban are signaling to fellow Muslims and to the world at large that these spoils of war have come to them through Allah’s blessing of their efforts. The implication is that the same will be the case for Muslims around the world who remain true to Islam and fight the infidel.
  • The US embassy, which cost at least $85 million to build and secure, is now in the hands of the Taliban and anyone to whom they open its doors for inspection. Flying on its flagpole now is the standard of the Taliban. While this may seem like a minor thing to most Americans, it rivals the capture of the US embassy in Iran in terms of the public relations shot in the arm this picture provides for aspiring jihadis. America is shamed, Islam is advancing, in their minds.
  • In our hasty departure, we did not only leave equipment and embassy behind, we gave up our significant military bases of forward operation, Bagram in particular, and lost our networks of human intelligence and our capacity to gather signal intelligence. With Afghanistan being a neighbor to Iran, Pakistan and China, this surrender of a dedicated intelligence-gathering foothold in the region is a loss of incalculable proportions.
  • Our withdrawal means as well the loss of protection for all minorities and undesirables under Taliban rule.
    • Indigenous Hazara Shi’ites have already been targeted and executed by Taliban “soldiers” simply because they are not the right “flavor” of Islam. The same is true of other Muslims who are not pure enough for Deobandi Islamic standards.
    • Musicians are in hiding, after one folk artist was publicly executed for encouraging “forbidden” music among the people. Likewise, artists who paint the human form or create portraits are targets for legalized murder under Shari’a.
    • Taliban enforcers are going door to door looking for Christians, secularists, Afghani “collaborators” with the infidel West, and those committed to opposing Taliban rule. Those found are either arrested for future trial and execution or they are simply shot on the spot.
    • Shari’a demands death for homosexuals. We have already seen footage of the public hanging of an accused homosexual by means of a noose attached to the skids of an American helicopter flown by a Talibani pilot. Others are simply shot in the head, stoned to death or thrown off of a tall building.
    • The above categories of people constitute tens of thousands of humans, maybe more. The coming months of Taliban rule will produce a bloodbath of victims. One wonders whether the Biden administration calculated this human toll into its decision to cede Afghanistan to Shari’a-bound terrorists.
    • Perhaps worst of all is the fate of girls and young women. The Arabian prophet Muhammad, whom all orthodox Muslims consider to be the perfect example of conduct, bedded a nine-year-old girl as his third wife, and commanded his fighters that Allah permitted them to take captured girls and women as spoils of war to be kept as sex slaves, or married, or sold on the slave market. The Taliban consider the non-Taliban Afghanis they have “conquered” to fall under the category of spoils of war, and have ordered that any household containing unmarried females between the ages of 12 and 45 (child-bearing years) must put clear markings on the outside of their homes so that any Taliban soldier may enter and inspect the merchandise, so to speak. Should he wish one of the girls or women, the family is under obligation to surrender her to him, even as young as 12. One shudders to imagine the fate of a pre-teen or teen sex slave yoked to a ruthless barbarian who sees her not as an equal or as a human being with untold potential but only as an object upon which he can expend his sexual energies with no guilt or qualms, a body to impregnate or to use up and later divorce for a new object of desire. All this is in line with Shari’a.
    • Western liberals may crusade in America for gay rights, women’s rights, and minority rights all they want, but until they speak up publicly to oppose these inhuman Islamic practices which happen routinely around the Muslim world, and until they castigate the Biden administration for abandoning so many vulnerable Afghanis to the butchery and sadism of the Taliban, they themselves are dripping with hypocrisy.
  • Though the Taliban have always had significant amounts of money as an organization, they will need a lot more to run a country. The lion’s share of their income has come from controlling the opium market (Afghanistan produces 84% of the world’s heroin). As their need for further resources grows, it stands to reason that the Taliban will seek to increase the production of opium and its sale on the world market. America is the largest consumer of heroin and opiates, so presumably the Taliban will benefit by feeding our addiction. They will become richer; we will grow more addled and shackled by our compulsions.
  • Because of our desertion of Afghanistan, the world is now a more dangerous place. Having exited the country in the dead of night, with no advance word to our Afghani partners or to our NATO allies, we said to them essentially, “We’re saving our hide; you’re on your own.” In the world of diplomacy and foreign policy, where one’s word is sacrosanct among allies, America’s broken promises and irrational, short-sighted actions mean that our allies face uncertainty as to America’s promises toward and treaties with them. Taiwan, Ukraine, Armenia, the Kurdish people, Israel all rightly wonder whether should they come under attack the USA would have their back or not. Apparently the leadership of NATO countries have already been consulting together on these matters without American input. Our foolhardiness of action and our projection of weakness on the world stage have led to international instability and may encourage the reframing of alliances globally which do not favor democracy and freedom.
  • Lastly, and most dangerous of all, the rise of a newly-strengthened Taliban signals the establishment of an Islamic emirate which welcomes and gives sanctuary to other like-minded Muslim jihadi movements. A safe haven means that existing groups under threat can find shelter under the wings of the Taliban, and there grow strong while planning attacks on their enemies, principally the West. The continued existence of a Taliban-ruled Afghanistan becomes a powerful recruitment tool for young, idealistic jihadis who know they can go there for training and study in how to bring the world into submission to Islam. Whether they join existing terror organizations or opt to become lone wolf terrorists, the world has become a decidedly more dangerous place. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has created the seed of hope among faithful, Qur’anic Muslims that one day soon the Emirate will grow to become the Islamic State to which all Muslims will give their allegiance in the drive to bring all the world under Shari’a, willingly or not.

Was Biden right to pull all American armed forces out of Afghanistan? Given that we had a stabilizing presence in the country with only 2500 servicemen and women there, and that our forces had suffered no war-related deaths for the last 18 months (until our poorly-conceived withdrawal led to the deaths of 13 faithful troops), I would have to say no. One may say that Biden and his advisors did not know of some or many of the unintended consequences of his decision, but unintended consequences are still consequences, and we must all live, or die, with those consequences as they unfold.

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The New and Improved Taliban? Color Me a Skeptic.

The Taliban says they won the war in Afghanistan. They are not wrong

The Taliban of 2021 claim that they are not like the Taliban of the 1990s. And I believe them, in this one respect. Today’s Taliban have become skilled users of social media, and are able to project an image as a “kinder, gentler Muslim movement”, not at all like the brutal, backward terrorists of the turn of this century.

They claim that a blanket amnesty will be given to all Afghanis who worked with the US or NATO forces, that women’s rights will be protected, that children will receive modern education, that Afghanistan will join the international society of civilized nations as a beacon of goodness.

Of course, this is all image and no substance. The original Taliban claimed as authority for their policies and actions the unchanging Shari’a, the Law of Allah. Beheadings of apostates, stonings of adulteresses (but rarely adulterers), executions of homosexuals, forced marriage of child brides, the hiding of women in formless burqas and the prevention of education outside the home for young girls, the call to armed jihad against any groups who refused to conform to the strict version of Islam favored by them, all these and more atrocities found (and still find) their legitimacy in Shari’a.

The Taliban of 2021 still claim Shari’a as their governing authority. So, can they still style themselves as strict followers of Shari’a and yet jettison any of the practices from the past which they justified as commanded by Allah under his Law? The short and complete answer is no.

The Afghani people are all too aware of this. Those interviewed by Western media are not shy in sharing their certainty that Taliban leaders are just blowing smoke (opium-laced, no doubt) with their assertions of moderation and reform. As soon as world attention moves on to other cataclysms, the Taliban will ditch their West-pleasing image and return to their barbaric, Islamically-inspired ways. This is the true face of the Taliban, because they are still as convinced as they were 25 years ago that the commands of Allah do not change, and that strict enforcement of harsh Islamic justice will bring the blessings of Allah upon them.

How do we know this? In studying their actions even in the last week rather than relying on their words.

They claimed to offer amnesty to all “collaborators” who had assisted the “occupiers”, i.e., the US and NATO alliance working with the established Afghan government. Yet news reports consistently indicate that Taliban forces are going door to door in Kabul, Kandahar and Herat looking for names on lists put together from informants and from bank and biometric records the US government left behind in its hasty exit from the embassy site. These records identify locals employed by the US government all over the country, and now provide the Taliban a quick and easy way to identify and lethally “deal with” collaborators.

Of course, the Taliban have made no secret of the fact that any Americans or Europeans still physically present in Afghanistan will be subject to capture and imprisonment, or worse, after Western troops meet their August 31st pull-out deadline. The ring of Taliban “soldiers” around the Kabul airport while Western governments are trying to evacuate their own citizens as well as endangered Afghans has prevented or intimidated potential evacuees from exiting the country. There are no guarantees of safety to Westerners who remain in country after troop withdrawals scheduled for the end of this month.

Other targets of Taliban Islamic wrath include homosexuals – Taliban judge Gul Rahim confirmed that under Taliban rule, the Shari’a punishments for the crime of homosexuality will be reinstated, either death by stoning or by being crushed by the toppling of an 8-10 foot stone wall upon the convicted man.

Christians especially, but other religious minorities as well, when identified and refusing to abandon their faith in favor of Islam (Deobandi or Salafi Islam in particular) will be enslaved or executed. As the Taliban are going door to door, they are demanding to examine people’s cellphones. If they find a Bible or other decidedly Christian app on the phone, they immediately detain the cellphone owner or execute him/her on the spot.

Shi’ite Muslims are regarded as false believers (hypocrites or infidels, depending on Qur’anic passages utilized to anathematize them). They also are subject to immediate execution. The Hazara tribe located in the mountainous central region of the country are the most obvious target of the Taliban. Back in 1995, their leader Abdul Ali Mazari was executed by Taliban forces. Since then a statue of him was erected in Bamiyan (the same location where the Taliban used two giant sculptures of the Buddha for target practice and destruction). One week ago, after they had retaken control of the region, the new “kinder, gentler” Taliban beheaded the statue and then proceeded to blow it up for further dramatic effect.


Amnesty International reported that in early July 2021 when Taliban fighters overran Ghazni province in central Afghanistan, they executed 9 Hazara men they captured, 6 by bullets and three by torture.

One does not have to be Shi’ite, however, to face Taliban judgment. Even Sunni Muslims who fail to measure up to the religious standards of their old and now new overlords are subject to harassment, incarceration or worse. Secular Muslims must pretend to be observant, not knowing who might become an informant against them.

Those with most to lost under Taliban rule, however, are without doubt girls and women. The oppressive dress code is once more being enforced, though Taliban spokesmen are saying burqas will no longer be mandatory but full face and body covering is still required. Last week a young Afghani woman was shot dead because a fighter did not approve of her outfit. Girls and women of marriageable age are no longer allowed to travel alone or with other women but must have a male guardian accompany them anytime they wish to leave their homes. Parents with single girls/women in the home must now place an identifying marker on their home’s exterior so that Taliban fighters can come in and assess whether they are interested in taking an eligible female (from ages 12-45) as a wife or sex slave. These practices are justified on the basis of specific Qur’an verses (see 4.34 and 33.50) where Allah gives his fighters those whom they conquer as booty, and specifically permits them to take young girls and women as sex slaves. Education of girls is frowned upon or forbidden. The latter stance was the position of the Taliban 1.0. Taliban 2.0 has said they will allow girls to be educated, but only by a female teacher. Their first fatwa since retaking power was a ban on coeducation. No mingling of the sexes will be permitted. We will see in coming months whether education for girls is encouraged or throttled. Needless to say, if girls are being forced into marriages at age 12, the likeliness of their being permitted to attend school drops to near zero.

One might console oneself here in the West by noting that all these horrors remain contained within the borders of Afghanistan. We are not endangered by the barbarity of the Taliban in its implementation of Shari’a. That is true. But there are two ways in which the flourishing of the Taliban spells trouble for the rest of the world.

First, it is estimated that roughly one quarter of the Taliban’s yearly budget is funded by opium production and trafficking. Afghanistan accounts for 84% of the world’s opium, and the Taliban control every aspect of its production, refinement and sale, bringing them over $400 million annually. It stands to reason that as their budgetary needs increase with their new role as the governing force of the Afghani nation, they will seek to increase the amount of opium they can dump on the world market. Since America is one of the biggest consumers of opioids, licit and illicit, the increased availability of opium and its derivatives can only have a deleterious effect on our society. For the Taliban, this outcome would be a “twofer”: they increase their income while at the same time inflicting harm of the “Great Satan”. That’s a no-brainer.

Secondly, the Taliban have already said that they intend to welcome back al-Qaeda and other Islamic terrorists who share their religious outlook. Their primary spokesman has already affirmed that the Taliban are becoming much more world-focused than they were in the 90s. They are prioritizing the spread of Islam in conquest of the whole world. To this end, they will be happy to serve as a haven for Muslim terror groups to hone their skills and plan their attacks. Unless the non-Muslim world takes serious action to dissuade the Taliban from this course, the world will become an even more dangerous place in the near future.

Is there any possibility the Taliban could moderate, throwing off their hardcore obedience to their prophet Muhammad and his Shari’a pronouncements? I’m reminded of the words of the Jewish prophet Jeremiah: “Can the Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard his spots? Then also you can do good who are accustomed to do evil” (Jer. 13:23).

But where there is no natural hope of true transformation among those committed to their evil course of action, there is supernatural hope. I’m reminded of another biblical passage, this one in the New Testament, relating to a character who might rightly be called a member of the Taliban of first century Israel. He saw his role as upholding the Law of God against all who blasphemed against the God of Israel. He was the chief antagonist against the fledgling Christian movement, seeking to incarcerate or kill any who followed the Way of Jesus. He was known then as Saul of Tarsus, a Pharisee of Pharisees, convinced of his righteousness in persecuting “renegade Jews” who believed Jesus to be the Messiah. In Acts 9.1 and 2 we are told that “Saul, still breathing threats and murder against the disciples of the Lord, went to the high priest and asked him for letters to the synagogues of Damascus, so that if he found any belonging to the Way, men or women, he might bring them bound to Jerusalem.” Sounds very Talibanish.

Just like the Taliban, Pharisees as a group were characterized by a belief that their strict obedience to the Law of God was mandatory for them to please God and to merit His favor. Saul believed that in persecuting Christians, he was doing God’s work. It took a supernatural encounter with the risen Lord Jesus to transform the Pharisee Saul into the man who would become the apostle Paul, whose mission to the Gentile world (formerly enemies of Israel) would bring them the message of the reconciling love of God in Jesus Christ.

For Saul the proto-Talibani, only a supernatural encounter with the Prince of Peace could eradicate the religious hatred in his heart toward those not like him and replace it with love. I imagine it will take the same kind of spiritual transformation for the devotees of the Taliban. C. S. Lewis once said, “Of all bad men, religious bad men are the worst.” Undoubtedly this is because they believe their evil works are commissioned by God and so they have no pangs of conscience which might otherwise temper their evil. It demands the personal intervention of the true God to convince them they have been on the wrong track and need to change direction.

I grant that this scenario of the Taliban experiencing a Damascus Road conversion in great numbers seems an exercise in fantasy. But God has turned the courses of nations in the past, and no doubt will again in the future. Nothing is impossible with Him. For those who are Christians, the most powerful thing we can do in this regard is pray – few of us have direct access to reaching Afghanis, even fewer to influencing Taliban members. But God works within the heart, where we cannot reach. Let me encourage you to lift up the people of Afghanistan to God’s mercy. The vast majority of them are helpless pawns in brutal, ruthless chess game. They need the gracious, forgiving love of God, as do those moving the pieces on the board. And only Jesus can break through such lost and hardened hearts.

And please think about supporting the work of those who are toiling hard to get the gospel into the hands of the Afghani people so that they can read for themselves about the true Jesus, the one they could never learn about through the misinformation of the Qur’an and hadith.

Lord Jesus, rescue the people of Afghanistan!

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Therapeutic Beatings, Anyone?

Evil ideologies employ evil justifications. They endure, not because people believe the justifications but because they are enforced by brutality and terror. Religious evil ideologies are the worst of all, for they claim divine sanction, which cannot be questioned for fear of ultimate eternal punishment.

Those who champion some evil system find themselves willing to defend all manner of wickedness in order to justify positions which ordinary mortals, armed with common sense, quickly recognize as evil.

A case in point is the treatment of women in Islam. Recently an “expert” in Islamic law, Dr. Ziyad Miqdad, was interviewed on Al-Aqsa TV in Gaza (you can watch the video here). Employed as a “scholar” at the Islamic University of Gaza, Miqdad serves as the head of the Fatwa Committee at the university, and presumably sits on the “faculty of Law and Sharia.” (It’s impossible to verify this on the university’s dated and incomplete official website.)

WATCH Head Of Fatwa Committee At The Islamic University Of Gaza: 'Like A Father Beats His Son ...

In the televised interview on July 8th, Miqdad is asked to justify wife-beating, which he does with conviction. He has to, you see, because wife-beating is sanctioned in the Qur’an and Islamic holy tradition teaches that Muhammad both engaged in it and recommended it to his close companions. Wife-beating is actually a good thing, the Muslim expert contends.

Before we dissect his argument, let me remind you of what the Qur’an has to say about wives in particular, and women in general.

The key chapter, entitled “The Women,” grants men the right to marry up to four wives at any one time (4:3), and grants men authority over women (the Hilali-Khan translation among others renders this “men are in charge of women”) for two reasons: first, men excel women [though we are not told precisely how]; and second, men spend from their property to maintain them (4:34). Hence, “virtuous” women show themselves to be obedient, guarding in secret that which Allah has commanded them to guard (this somewhat cryptic statement applies primarily to a wife’s private parts, which she is to guard chastely for her husband alone). The rest of this problematic verse contains the permission granted husbands to beat their wives. Let me quote it in full:

“And those you fear may be rebellious admonish; banish them to their couches, and beat them. If they then obey you, look not for any way against them; God is All-high, All-great.” (Arberry translation).

The first thing to note here is that Muslim husbands can take action against their wives if they fear rebellion (this word is capable of numerous related meanings: ill-conduct, arrogance, disloyalty, disobedience, desertion). There doesn’t have to be objective evidence of a wife’s rebellion against her husband, only the husband’s fear that this might be the case.

The actions prescribed in this verse are seen by most Muslim commentators as steps of escalation until the wife submits in obedience once again. First, the husband is to warn his wife of the consequences of her willfulness; should that admonition be unsuccessful, he then escalates her punishment by refusing to share the marital bed with her (i.e., cutting off any physical intimacy and favored status among other wives, if any); should that still fail to bring her to willing submission, he is to beat her until she is ready to obey.

The Arabic text does not give any qualifiers to the verb, variously translated as “beat, strike, smite.” To lessen the barbarity, translators aware of Western sensibilities have added the adverb “lightly” though the text does not justify this interpolation.

Let us return to the interview with Miqdad, who must offer justification for this inhumane and chauvinistic divine command. The goal of beating (which is always a last resort, he says) is to “correct the wife and warn her that she did something wrong.” She is to blame, and if her behavior is not amended, she will be the cause of the destruction of the family and of the adverse futures for the children and the marriage itself. “”The purpose of [wife] beating is to warn the wife that the life of the family is in danger, and that the martial relations are in danger, and that she should be cautious and not let the family be destroyed….” She must mend her ways so as to protect family life.

It never enters Miqdad’s mind that the husband might have acted in ways that destroy the harmony of the family; if there is any familial discord, the wife is at fault and she must change her ways or face her husband’s displeasure. This is the will of Allah.

Of course, according to Miqdad and many other Islamic apologists, the wife is not supposed to become the husband’s punching bag (though nothing in the Qur’an prevents this). According to Islamic tradition, wife-beating comes with certain caveats: husbands “… should avoid hitting sensitive parts like the face or vital organs;” “it should not be a hard and vindictive beating;” in fact, the Islamic scholar says, “it should be a therapeutic beating rather than a vindictive one.” After all, he remarks, “we are talking about your wife.” Quoting an old Egyptian saying, “The beloved’s fist is as sweet as raisins,” Miqdad implies that wives actually appreciate being beaten by the husbands, because it is a sign of love. It shows them how much they are valued by their men.

I’ll let these final words speak for themselves:

“The husband’s beating of his wife – if it happens at all – should be like a guy beating his sweetheart. Join me in picturing what beating someone you love should look like. It is like when a father beats his son, or when a mother beats her daughter for doing something wrong.”

Like a guy beating his sweetheart, like when a father beats his son, when a mother beats her daughter – these are all therapeutic beatings, though. Nothing vindictive is allowed.

In Miqdad’s world, in the world prescribed by Allah, there’s “a whole lotta beatin’ goin’ on.”

Only therapeutic beatings, however.

How is it possible that such evil can be justified in the name of God? Well, the god in question, or course, is Allah, and the prophet through which such “revelation” has come to the world is Muhammad, who not only condoned but practiced and commended such behaviors. Ziyad Miqdad is only being true to his master. As the Qur’an says, “It is not for a believing man or a believing woman, when Allah and His Messenger have decided a matter, that they should [thereafter] have any choice about their affair” (33.36).

C. S. Lewis once wrote, “Of all bad men, religious bad men are the worst” (from Reflections on the Psalms). Dr. Miqdad is just the latest “Exhibit A” corroborating this sad fact Any religious system attributing evil to God and commanding it of his followers deserves to be pilloried and exposed until the light of truth fully dispels the darkness of malevolence. Islam must, and one day will, crumble. That day cannot come too soon.

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Heaven: Home Sweet Home or Vegas on Steroids?

The end of an era has stolen upon me. The generation of my parents and elderly friends is fast sweeping over the waterfalls of temporal life and into the mists of eternity. In the recent past I have been asked to speak at memorial services for a number of close friends. A few weekends ago I joined family and friends to celebrate the wonderful life of my dear father-in-law. I am now entering the “last generation” before death.

Home Sweet Home Sign {Tutorial} - Our Southern Home

The passing of loved ones has focused my thinking in new ways on life after death and what that looks like from a biblical perspective. A central theme arising from the New Testament is that of “heaven as home.” Key, of course, to this theme is the promise of unbroken relationship – the intimate love of God as Father (or more precisely, Abba = Papa), and the fellowship of the family of God, all those whom Christ has rescued and brought safely into the Kingdom of Heaven. The Bible affirms that heaven is the home for which we were originally created; it is the reality which we most deeply long for, even if we can’t recognize it clearly or put that longing into words. Revelation 21.3 emphasizes four times in this one verse the intimacy of God with redeemed humanity: “Behold, the dwelling of God is with men (and women); He will dwell with them, and they shall be His people, and God Himself will be with them.” God Almighty, the Sovereign King, Ruler of all the universe, does not stand aloof from His children, but chooses to make His home with us. Such love is beyond explanation. To drive this point home, the next verse declares, “He will wipe away every tear from their eyes.” The picture of the Almighty as a tender Father, stooping to pick up blubbering children still licking our wounds and seat us on His lap one at a time to wipe away our tears and comfort us is a picture of intimate love beyond compare.

Perhaps the most compelling promise of heaven as home is found in John 14.1-6. The disciples are just beginning to wrap their minds around the unwelcome truth that Jesus will soon be taken from them by death. Despair clutches their hearts. Knowing this, Jesus turns their eyes toward the future and a reunion which will never again be broken.

“Let not your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe also in me. In my Father’s house are many rooms; if it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you? And when I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and will take you to myself, that where I am you may be also. And you know the way where I am going.”

Thomas said to him, “Lord, we don’t know where you are going. How can we know the way?”

Jesus said to him, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father but by me.”

The main message of this teaching from Jesus is: “Breathe easy.” Take a breath – your future is bright. Heaven will be your home. Trust me.

He gives four reasons to support the imperative: “Let not your hearts be troubled.” I’ve put them in my own vernacular:

  1. God never switches on the “No Vacancy” sign outside His house. Don’t worry that there won’t be enough room for you, because in my Father’s house there are more than enough rooms to welcome you home. So breathe easy.

  2. Jesus says, “I have secured your reservation.” His statement, “I go to prepare a place for you” does not mean that he is measuring for drapes, or moving furniture around according to some celestial feng shui. Instead, it refers to his upcoming crucifixion which when accomplished will provide atonement for sinners and full welcome into the family of God. Jesus might as easily have said, “I go to erase your well-deserved death penalty – to die for you that you may gain eternal life.” So breathe easy.

  3. Jesus says, “I will pick you up and drive you myself to the door of my Father’s house and walk you to your room.” That’s a vernacular way of saying, “I will come again and take you to myself, that where I am you may be also.” Whatever hardships or afflictions you are facing now, they are transitory and won’t have the final say on your destiny. Jesus promises that he will usher you safely home to life eternal in heaven. So breathe easy.

  4. When Thomas, speaking for all the disciples, cries out, “We don’t know have a clue you are going, how can we know the way to find you?”, Jesus responds, “I have taken care of all the details. So breathe easy.” His breathtaking statement, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father except by me,” is meant to reassure the disciples that everything needed by them to enjoy a blessed relationship with God as their Father is found in Jesus, and only in Jesus. Notice that Jesus doesn’t say to them, “I’m going to heaven, as if the location is of ultimate importance. Instead, he says, “I am going home to my Father.” His promise is, “If you want to know God as your own Abba (“Daddy” or “Papa” – see Romans 8.15-17 for more on God as Abba), I’m your avenue to Him. I’m the One who fully reveals Him to lost human beings; I’m the One who pours His life into you to make you fit for His presence.”

According to the Bible, the hope of heaven is the hope of finding the home for which we were originally created. God yearned to fill His eternal home with many children, so He sent His only-begotten Son into this world to become the Way, to reveal the Truth and to share the Life of heaven with a lost and troubled world. To those who hear his message and swear allegiance to him with all their heart he says, “Breathe easy. I’ve got you covered.”

While the Christian message is that heaven is home because of the unquenchable loving relationships we will share with God and with one another, Islam presents a wholly different message. Indeed, for Muslims heaven is not pictured in terms of love, but as an endless hedonic and epicurean orgy of pleasures – an eternal Las Vegas weekend where you are permitted to engage in all the provided delights to your heart’s content. Allah is not present with his rutting subjects in their dens of sensual pleasure, but remains remote and secure in his throne room above even the highest heaven.

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In the Qur’an, there are two Arabic words which can translate the concept of “home”: bayt and daar. The noun bayt occurs 65 times, and when used religiously it refers exclusively to the Kaaba (Mecca’s central shrine toward which Muslims bow five times daily in prayer) or to mosques. It is never used with reference to heaven as the home of Allah’s obedient slaves. The noun daar, on the other hand, is found 48 times in the Qur’an, and thirty of those references deal with one’s home (destination) in the afterlife. One of the Qur’an’s favorite phrases in this regard is “home of the hereafter,” followed by “home of peace” as a distant second. One might think that the term daar could connote images of a loving heavenly Father, and a sense of intimacy and spiritual joy, but in its Qur’anic context, any such suggestions are absent. Instead, the picture is animalistic hedonism. Heaven is a house of pleasure, whereas hell is a house of torture and pain. The fact that the Qur’an uses the same word daar to describe the destiny of the damned makes clear that the term carries no intrinsic relational warmth but merely indicates the abode or dwelling of the blessed or the reprobate. For the latter, hell is described as “the worst/evil home” (su’ul daari)

Through this simple word study, we confirm once again that Christianity and Islam convey two very different messages about who the true God is who promises heaven, and what kind of eternal life He promises His people. For Christians, the vision of heaven is that of the intimate home we have always yearned for where God is always with us as Father. For Muslims, heaven is the Vegas-style X-rated playground which satisfies all animal lusts but lacks any reference to the spiritual virtues of love, joy and holiness, and where Allah remains inaccessible.

Which heaven do you think is more worthy of God?

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